Specialty Fibers, Fiber Lasers and Applications Workshop and Roundtable Discussion

Date: 13 Dec 2011 - 13 Dec 2011

Venue: SIMTech Tower Block, Training Rms 1 & 2, Level 3

Optical fiber offers a flexible, compact and cheap means of delivering light. These merits have been always motivating the ambition of “fiberizing” optical systems. Nowadays, the fiberization has gone beyond the telecommunication industry and it extends to more industrial applications such as laser processes, sensing, microscopy, and so on. The specialty fibers are the enabler. They add more merits to the traditional optical fibers by innovating the fiber structure, optical materials, fabrication process and characterization.

As one revolutionary technology resulting from specialty fibers, high power and ultra fast fiber lasers provide disruptive technologies to flexible processing tools which are dominated by the traditional lasers. They offer better beam quality, higher efficiency, lower power consumption, and lower maintenance cost. They are attractive for the high quality and high precision processes including drilling, polishing, cleaning, welding, marking, surface treatment, etc. The fiber frequency-comb lasers can also improve the resolution and sensitivity of the microscopy and spectroscopy in several orders.

Seeing the great potential of the specialty fibers and fiber lasers, A*STAR SIMTech is initiating a research program on advanced optics with an aim to build up competences and competitiveness of manufacturing specialty fibers and high power fiber lasers.
The objective of this roundtable is to solicit and validate the specific requirements from industry in order to refine the focuses of the technology development in the program. The roundtable also serves as a platform to foster the possible collaboration and supply chains among industries, research institutes, and academia.

8.45am    Registration

9.10am    Welcome Address
9.15am    Presentations by NTU/NUS Representatives  
9.50am  Presentations by Industrial Representatives  

10.30am  Coffee Break

11.00am  Roundtable
12.30pm   End

Who Should Attend
Senior management, R&D managers, engineers and university professors from the biomedical science, chemicals, electronics, engineering and environment services, ICM, precision engineering and transport engineering sectors.

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