Modeling and Control of a Piezo-Actuated Compensation Mechanism for Industrial Macro-Mini Robot Configurations

Date: 04 Nov 2011 - 04 Nov 2011



The industrial trend to adopt robot for various light machining applications is emerging. In this lecture, Professor Rolf Johansson will introduce a  Industrial Macro-Mini Robot Configurations for a machining operation.

This seminar presents a method for modeling and control of a piezo-actuated high-dynamic compensation mechanism for usage together with an industrial robot during a machining operation, such as milling in aluminium. The machining spindle was attached to the compensation mechanism and the robot held the workpiece. Due to the inherent resonant character of mechanical constructions of this type, and the nonlinear phenomena appearing in piezo actuators, control of the compensation mechanism is a challenging problem. We present simple models of the experimental set-up, experimentally identified using subspace-based identification methods. A subsequent control scheme, based on the identified models, utilizing state feedback for controlling the position of the spindle is outlined. Results from experiments performed on a prototype of the compensation mechanism are also provided. This project was made in the context of the ECFP7 project COMET.  

2.00pm      Arrival of Participants & Registration
2.15pm      Presentation by Prof Rolf Johansson
3.15pm      Refreshment &Networking   
3.30pm      End

About the Speaker
Prof. Rolf Johansson, Robotics Laboratory & Dept. Automatic Control, Lund University, Sweden. Rolf Johansson received the Master of Science degree in Technical Physics in 1977, the Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1980, the Doctorate in Control Theory in 1983, was appointed Docent in 1985, and received the Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D.) in 1986, all from Lund University, Lund, Scandinavia. He is a member of the IEEE, fellow of the Swedish Society of Medicine and fellow of the Royal Physiographic Society, Section of Medicine. Since 1986 he has been with  the Dept. Automatic Control, Lund University, where he is currently Professor of control science. In his scientific work, he has been involved in research in adaptive system theory, mathematical modeling, system identification, robotics and signal processing. Since 1987, he has also participated in research and as a graduate advisor at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University Hospital. Rolf Johansson was awarded the 1995 biomedical engineering prize (the Ebeling Prize) of the Swedish Society of Medicine for distinguished contribution to the study of human balance through application and development of system analysis and robotics. In 1993-2002, he was coordinating director in  robotics research  with participants from several departments of Lund University. He is Assoc. Editor of Int. J. Adaptive Control & Signal Processing since 1999. In 1993 he published the book System Modeling and Identification, Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ(Information and System Sciences Series Ed. T. Kailath). 

Who Should Attend 
Industrial robot end users and manufacturers, R&D managers, scientists, engineers, robotics researchers, academic staff and students. 

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