Technology Lecture: Technology Trends and Advancement in Machining & Metal Forming

Date: 19 Oct 2011 - 19 Oct 2011

Venue: Auditorium, SIMTech Tower block, Level 3

This lecture by our SAB members who are renowned in their specific fields will introduce the research and industrial communities about the world-wide trends and recent advancements in machining and metal forming technologies. In addition to the lectures, some of the technology being developed in SIMTech will also be introduced and opportunities for industrial collaborations.

1.00pm      Registration
1.30pm      Welcome Address
1.40pm      Lecture by Prof Taylan Altan
3.00pm      Refreshment & Networking 
3.30pm      Lecture by Prof Ekkard Brinksmeier
4.50pm      End

Presentation on Trends and development of metal forming - Its Current and Future Challenges and Applications by Prof Taylan Altan, Director, Centre for Precision Forming, Ohio State University
Metal forming has a rather long history but the advancement in metal forming technology continues even today.  New industrial has developed in the cause of time and metal forming technology has evolved along with it.  This lecture will highlight some of the trends and developments related to metal forming as well as showcase current and future concept of forming technology.  Case studies related to metal formed electronic, energy and medical parts will be presented too. 

Presentation on Machining of lightweight materials and Composites Professor Dr Ekkard Brinksmeier, Director and Professor, Laboratory for Precision Machining (LFM), University of Bremen, Germany 
Due to the needs for energy and resource savings there is an increasing demand for the use of lightweight materials in technological key areas like aircraft manufacturing, car industry, and windmill manufacturing. The high requirements regarding high specific strength can be fulfilled by materials such as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced plastics), titanium, and aluminum-alloys. Especially in aircraft industries these materials are often laminated to composites to further enhance the functional performance of the manufactured part. Despite the progress in neat net shape manufacturing technologies parts made from lightweight materials have to be machined to their final shape and tolerances what requires advanced machining technologies. In this talk the mechanical machining of lightweight materials and composites will be addressed. First, some fundamentals regarding machining of CFRP will be discussed. Based on this, research results regarding the thermal and mechanical influences of conventional and orbital drilling are presented, as well as influences on the borehole and surface layer quality.  The evaluation of the achieved surface integrity was accomplished by measurement of the cutting temperatures and forces, as well as by analysing micrographs in cross-sectional areas.

About the Speakers
Professor Taylan Altan is the Director of Center for Precision Forming/ CPF (formerly ERC for Net Shape Manufacturing) at Ohio State University. He has 50 years of metal forming working experience and in that course of time, published 3 books on the subject of Metal Forming and Forging.  He has authored/co-authored more than 500 Technical Publications.  He also provides consultancy in the US and worldwide. His research interests and work includessimulation and optimization of forging, sheet forming, hydroforming and metal cutting processes; cold precision forging using multiple action tooling; blank holder force control in stamping; die and mold manufacturing including high speed milling; and rapid tool manufacturing and prototyping of products and processes.  Other interests include comparison of manufacturing education in various countries and industry related research and education.

Professor Dr.-Ing. Ekkard Brinksmeier received his Dr. -Ing. degree in mechanical engineering 1982 and then worked as Chief Engineer at the Institute for Production Engineering and Machine Tools, IFW, Hannover. In 1992, he became a full professor at the University of Bremen and holds the chair of manufacturing technologies. He is also the Director of the Foundation Institute for Materials Science IWT and the Laboratory for Precision Machining LFM.His scientific interests and research areas lie in the field of advanced manufacturing processes with special focus in the areas of ultraprecision machining processes down to nanometer tolerances, process integration (such as grind-hardening), development of sensor-integrated tools, development of advanced coolants in metal cutting and the generation of functional surfaces by machining. Prof. Brinksmeier is a Fellow of CIRP and Fellow of SME and holds leadership positions in several associations and institutions including DFG, AiF, WGP and others. He is past president of the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology, euspen. He has received several awards, most notably the CIRP F. W. Taylor Medal and the DFG Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Award which is the most prestigious German research award. He has published more than 500 scientific papers and employs 35 scientific staff most of them being financed by third party funded projects. 

Who Should Attend
CTO, R&D managers, engineers and researchers, academic staff and students.

Pre-registration for this event is free of charge.  Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a place, please register online.  

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