Seminar on Advanced Sheet Metal Forming Technologies - Meeting the Challenge to Higher Competitiveness

Date: 09 Sep 2011 - 09 Sep 2011

Venue: Training Rooms 1 & 2, Tower Block, Level 3

This seminar introduces advance and future technologies that are available and are being developed in the area of sheet metal forming. These technologies are deemed to assist companies to increase their competitiveness in such challenging times. Latest equipment and their applications will be introduced and shared by two leading equipment builders – AIDA and AMADA. In addition, ESI group will demonstrate simulation tools that can assist in tooling and process design which can replace lengthy trial and error processes on real prototypes. Lastly, there will be the sharing of new process design and research work undertaken at SIMTech and exploration of the possibilities of co-development to enhance the competitiveness of our local companies. This event also offers excellent networking opportunities between equipment builders, users and research personnel.

Latest Servo Press Machines and Servo Applications by Mr Yap Teck Meng, Managing Director, AIDA
There is worldwide attention being focused on servo-press as next generation forming systems.  As the pioneering company in the field of servo-press development, AIDA will introduce the latest in servo press machines and servo applications.  From this presentation, it is hope that participant can envision the adoption of these next generation manufacturing systems which can help companies improve on their process and capabilities to meet the challenge of higher competitiveness.  

Technological Trends in the Field of Stamping Simulation by Mr Chan Yin Chau, ESI Group
Initially, it was seen that companies were reluctant to take up computer-aided engineering (CAE), considering this as an unknown expensive investment. However, by examining the return on investment (ROI) for implementing CAE in a right way, many companies now realized that the start-up investment can be recovered quite quickly and there are also direct positive benefits to their bottom line. ESI Group would like to present its Stamping Solutions oriented towards typical defects and problems associated with stamping process such as cracks, wrinkles and also specifically on springback related issues. Stamping simulation could be used as an enabling tool to aid the designers during the design stage, to determine the blank size, the optimum holding force, die face design optimization and to allow for die compensation in case of springback related problems. All this can be carried out before the first die is cut-out, hence avoiding the die re-work. The seminar would also showcase the latest technology in stamping industry – hotforming process, whereby the goal is to stamp ultra high strength materials and the considerations in such process.

How to Lower the Cost in Sheet Metal Process by Mr Toshiaki Kawatsu, AMADA Asia
Many mass production activities have shifted to China, India and other countries with lower labor cost. In Singapore, companies are facing threat and competition from such countries.  Much of the business here has been moving towards High-mix low volume. Question raised are: How does one lower cost in such High-mix low volume manufacturing.  Can one integrate the process and/or reduce the secondary process.  AMADA, a leading company of Sheet Metal, will introduce new technologies for High-mix low volume production.  Process integration including punching, laser cut, forming extrusion and Tapping will be shown as well as process range expansion for sheet metal of material thickness 1 to 6 mm. 

Challenge in Near Net-Shape Forming of Thin Walled Metal Components by Combining Stamping and Cold Forging by Dr Danno Atsushi, SIMTech
The requirement for reduction in manufacturing cost and higher material usage has increased in recent years; especially to gain higher competitiveness in the sheet metal forming industry.The metal forming technology by combining stamping and cold forging has high potential for such requirement, because it can form various kinds of thin walled metal components with non-uniform thickness distribution and complex configuration. In this talk, the basic concept of the forming technology and important technical items in process design will be presented as well as some results of case studies (challenges) on the forming of thin walled metal components with non-uniform thickness distribution.

About the Speakers
Mr Yap Teck Meng is the Managing Director in charge of AIDA Manufacturing and sales in Greater Asia and China.  For Greater Asia, he oversees the operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

Mr Chan Yin Chau has 7 years of experience in the field of virtual manufacturing.  He is involved in project and consultancy in the field of CAE analysis, especially in the stamping and casting field.  He also provides trainings on specific applications such as stamping/formability analysis and casting/flow and solidification analysis. He has worked with several major clients such as DAISIN and Enkei in Thailand; PHN, IntraMould and Autoliv in Malaysia; EJEE (Die design), China Steel and MIRDC in Taiwan.  
Mr Toshiaki Kawatsu has 24 years of sales experience in AMADA and mainly in the sheet metal area. He was station in Japan for about 21 years and was involved in new product releasing projects such as the punch & laser combination machine as well as the linear motor drive laser machine.  He moved to Singapore AMADA Asia in May 2011.  

Dr Danno Atsushi has over 46 years of research and development experience in high precision bulk-metal forming technology for manufacturing metal components such as rotary forming/ spin forming, forging/ stamping, bending of shapes, forming process of special alloys etc. He joined SIMTech in Aug 2003 and has been engaged in R&D of metal forming technology as a Visiting Senior Scientist and Senior Consultant of PE-COI (Precision Engineering Center of Innovation). Prior to joining SIMTech, Danno spent 39 years in Toyota Central R&D Labs where he was the director and board member from 1995 to 2001. He has authored or co-authored more than 50 original technical papers and held more than 25 patents on metal forming technology. He was granted a doctoral degree of engineering from Osaka University (Osaka, Japan).

1.30pm Welcome Address by Mr Steven Tong, FTG Acting Group Manager, SIMTech

1.40pm Latest Servo Press Machines and Servo Applications by Mr Yap Teck Meng, Managing Director, AIDA

2.20pm Technological Trends in the Field of Stamping Simulation by Mr Chan Yin Chau, Regional Manager (Asia Pacific Region), ESI Group

3.00pm Break

3.30pm How to Lower the Cost in Sheet Metal Process by Mr Toshiaki Kawatsu, AMADA Asia

4.10pm  Challenge in Near Net-Shape Forming of Thin Walled Metal Components by Combining Stamping and Cold Forging by Dr Danno Atsushi, Visiting Senior Scientist, PE Senior Consultant (Metal Forming), SIMTech

4.45pm Lab Tour – Equipment demonstration

5.30pm End of Seminar

This is a non-chargeable seminar and pre-registration is required. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a place, please click here.

Who Should Attend
R&D managers, engineers and research staff from the engineering and environment services, biomedical, electronics, and precision engineering industry and academics and research students from polytechnics and universities.

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