Technology Infusion Programme on SEMI's SECS, HSMS, GEM Standards and Equipment Characterisation for Shopfloor Integration and Efficiency

Date: 04 Aug 2011 - 15 Aug 2011

Venue: Conference Room, Level 4


This course provides participants with a comprehensive introduction and overview of the intertwining semiconductor manufacturing integration and equipment controller architecture, system interface issues, and standards. For example, SEMATECH standard, IEC (Industrial Electrotechnical Commission), SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International) standards. The focus will be on practical design and implementation for both equipment manufacturers and device/chip manufacturers. Lab sessions will provide hands-on experience in SEMI’s, SECS (Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standard), HSMS (High Speed Messaging Standards), GEM (Generic Equipment Model) communication, testing, and scripting.


Course Schedule

Session 1 : 4 Aug 2011
Lecture by Dr Goh Kiah Mok
Factory Integration for manufacturing
•    Need for factory integration
•    Factory Integration Architecture
•    Factory/ Cell/ equipment functionalities
•    Factory/Cell/Equipment software packages
•    Case study and discussion

Session 2  : 12 Aug 2011
Lecture by Dr Goh Kiah Mok
Cell / Equipment Control System
•    Cell Control – Object-oriented Architecture
•    Equipment Controller – Design methodology
•    Open Modular Architecture Control
•    Case study and discussion

Session 3 : 19 Aug 2011
Lecture by Dr Goh Kiah Mok
Equipment Control System
•    SoftPLC
•    IEC programming standards
•    Microsoft Windows hard real-time add-on
•    Other software platforms
•    Case study and discussion

Session 4  : 26 Aug 2011
Lecture by Dr Goh Kiah Mok
SEMI and SEMATech standards
•    Need for Standards
•    SEMATech standard overview
•    SEMI’s SECS I and SECS II
•    SEMI’s HSMS
•    SEMI’s GEM
•    Case study and discussion

Session 5 : 1 Sept 2011
Lecture by Dr Goh Kiah Mok
SEMI Standard implementation
•    Software products
•    Software architecture

Session 6 : 15 Sept 2011  (last session on 15 Sept) 
Lecture by Ms Phua Geok Hong
Lab by Mr William Tan
Equipment Testing and Characterization
•    Introduction
•    Feature of Software Tools
•    Scripting, testing and characterization
•    Lab and demo

Course Leaders

Dr Goh Kiah Mok, a Research Scientist, joined SIMTech in July 1996, and has since assumed various responsibilities of in-house/industrial project leader, research team leader, centre manager, group manager. He was project leader for many successful completed research and industrial projects. For example, Smart Box for Tata Consultancy services (TCS), Yokogawa’s SEMI interface intelligent code generators, SATS Terminal 5 Legacy system upgrade. He played lead roles in architecting system design proposals for numerous industrial projects including equipment controller for local equipment maker IC Equipment, MIT and STI, Middleware to link the robot and controller system for Turbine overhaul system, SEMI’s Recipe Management System (RMS) for Lucent (formally AT&T), Shop Floor Integration study for Philips DAP, Semicon equipment integration Study for UTAC, AAA project for Infineon and ESEC etc.


Ms Phua Geok Hong has been directly involved as a key member in various projects. In the recent project, she involves in design and developing a TCP client module for Garment Material Handling System includes analyses user and system requirement. In the past years, she has participated in the "Proactive EDM Electrode Setup and Optimisation System" (PESOS) project. Her assignment was the implementation of Offset Extraction and Labelling modules. She is also involved in various research projects related to reconfigurable controller, equipment prognostic and embedded system areas. She has more than 10 years of experience in designed and developed automated equipment for semiconductor industry. Her involvements include system design and development, testing, commissioning and provide training to customers.


Who Should Attend

CEOs, CTOs, VPs, MDs, EDs, Middle Management which will include GMs, Managers and Asst. Managers and Engineers, Executives, Officers & Technologists from the Precision Engineering, Electronics, Semiconductor, Automation, Aerospace, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Supply Chain and Logistics industry sectors.



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Registration fee inclusive of 7% GST, course materials, refreshments and mini-buffet dinner (halal).

SMS Member : $428.00 per participant

Non-SMS Member : $535.00 per participant


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