Seminar on Engineering Design, Machining and Simulation (Event Series 2011#2) : Productivity Enhancement for Precision & Manufacturing Industry

Date: 14 Jul 2011 - 14 Jul 2011

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive

Co- organisers : Advanced Technology Enterprise (ATE) and SolidCAM

Machining is the cutting edge of manufacturing industry and its productivity ignited the industry revolution. Modern CNC machine centers are more powerful with high-spindle speed and feed-rate. However, these powerful machines are “under-utilised” in workshops with conservative cutting speed, since conventional CAM software cannot generate constant load tool-path, and most of the existing CAM technologies are based on cutter speed and feed-rate, which do not take into account factors such as variable cutting force and tool deflection.

In order to be more competitive in the challenging market, manufacturers are constantly seek for reducing machining time and costs, and trying to achieve “do it right at the first time” throughout the entire design-machining processes.

The latest CAM technology breakthrough - iMachining™, is a giant leap forward in tool-path technology by reducing cutting times up to 70%, by optimising tool engagement and cutting feed through the entire machining process. It allows much deeper and more efficient cutting, driven by a “knowledge-based technology wizard”.

This seminar will share with the industry and research community some of the case studies from SIMTech’s projects pertaining to modeling and simulation. Participants will gain a better understanding by using the latest CAM technology to perform cutting analysis from simple a “push button” to setup, optimise and review the cutting results.  This seminar is co-organised by ATE and PE COI at SIMTech.  


9.00 am    Registration  
9.15 am    Opening Address by Dr Lin Wen Jong, SIMTech, PE COI Simulation Lab
9.30 am    Presentation 1 : Virtual Machining, Real Money
                 by Mr Liu PeiLing, Principal Research Engieer, SIMTech,
                 Virtual machining is a modeling process that realistically simulates the setting up and running of an actual machining operation. The NC simulation program is smart enough to detect problems such as fast move error, gouge, and collision that could scrap
                 the part, break the cutter or crash the machine. Furthermore, NC simulation can check dynamic cutting force and optimise chatter-free machining speed, where a better surface finish could be achieved. CAM software has some NC simulation function but
                 with limitations, especially after generating G code. SIMTech developed a standalone G code simulator QuickCNC that can verify and optimise machine control code (G/M) after post processing, where a lot of things could go wrong. QuickCNC has been
                 widely implemented in local PE since 1994. Now SolidCAM adopted SIMTech G code verification technology to maximise machining productivity, where the real money will come.
10.15 am   Tea Break & Networking
10.30 am   Presentation 2 : Intelligent Machining & Productivity Enhancement Tools for Precision Industry
                  by Mr Amod Onkar & Mr Sng Eng Sim
                 •    Demonstrating the “best practices” and “integrate” the entire design-to-manufacturing processes from project management – 2D/3D data handling & repairing – design validation & optimisation – plastic injection simulation – machining simulation etc.
                 •    Introducing the latest CAM technology (SolidCAM i-Machining). Witness how does it helps your business to be more profitable and competitive in the challenging market.

11.30 am    Live cutting on SolidCAM - iMachining

12.30 pm    End of Session
About the speakers
Mr Liu Peiling has been a CAD/CAM researcher and developer for 20 years. His research interests include geometry modeling, 3D NC tool path generation, high speed machining simulation, CAM optimisation and mould design application. He filed two patents about geometrical representation and mould cavity design method.  He took part in many industrial projects and one of his developments QuickSeeNC has been widely used in Singapore PE industry.

Mr Amod Onkar is the Country Manager of SolidCAM India. He is also in-charge of South East Asia technical operations. Mr Onkar has strong technical background in mould & die industry and has more than 15 years experiences in the CAD/CAM industry, especially in complex machining arena.

Mr Sng Eng Sim has 25 years experiences in CAD/CAM/CAE industry, with extensive industry domain knowledge across various engineering and manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, mold & die, machinery & automation, hi-tech electronics, marine & offshore, oil & gas, construction and military.
Who Should Attend
- Business Owners, Directors, Managers, Engineers (in Precision and Manufacturing industries)
- Researchers and academic staffs who are keen to learn more about the latest machining technology.

Seats are available on first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a seat for this is a non-chargeable event, please register online.

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