Workshop on Suppliers in Remanufacturing: Partnership with Caterpillar Asia

Date: 20 Apr 2011 - 20 Apr 2011

Venue: Caterpillar Reman Singapore, 5 Tukang Innovation Grove,

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Remanufacturing is the process of converting end-of-life products into new ones that are equivalent and sometimes superior in performance and expected life time to the original new products. The remanufacturing process consists of complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, salvaging and replacing worn components, assembly, and testing.  Compared with the manufacture of a new product, a remanufactured product saves 60-90% of energy, materials, water, and air pollutant emisssion while preserving > 85% of its intrinsic value (materials, energy, labour, etc.). This makes remanufacturing a green and high value-added industry with enormous growth potential.  Your company has been carefully selected and cordially invited to join in this event:

-To understand the challenges and opportunities in remanufacturing
-To be introduced to, and discuss in details, a list of remanufacturing jobs to be outsourced
-To learn about the R&D and capability development programme for you from SIMTech and SPRING Singapore

At the end of the workshop, we would like to hear your indication of any interests on the jobs, service and product offerings or strike a business deal with Caterpillar directly. This workshop is jointly organised by SPRING Singapore, Caterpillar and SIMTech.

Dr Song Bing, Director, SIMTech Sustainable Manufacturing Centre; Mr Ker Ian Khai, Manager, SPRING Singapore; Mr Chris Healy, Caterpillar Engineering Manager; Mr Mark Dubois, Caterpillar General Manager

9.00am:    Welcome and Introduction by Dr Song Bin, Director, SIMTech Sustainable Manufacturing Centre
9.15am:    Capability and Innovation Development Programme of SPRING Singapore
9.40am:    Introduction to Caterpillar Reman Singapore
                 - Plans and overview of Parts to be outsourced (Caterpillar)
10.00am   Remanufacturing Shopfloor visit and group Discussion
10.30am:  Refreshment & Networking
12.00pm:  End of Workshop

Who Should Attend
Senior management staff will find this workshop highly relevant.

Registration for the workshop is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a place, please register online.

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