Seminar on Competitive and Efficient Heat Treatment of Advanced Material

Date: 01 Apr 2011 - 01 Apr 2011

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive

Sponsored by : Daido Steel



The Singapore industry is shifting its focus towards high precision complex dies and components for aerospace, medical technology and oil and gas production. This poses new, more stringent demands on machining houses and heat treatment provider both in terms of capability to make high precision parts and to produce these parts cost-effectively with low scrap rates.

This half day seminar is to generate awareness on the role of both machining houses and heat treatment providers in the making of ultra-high precision parts and dies as well as the challenges for heat treatment of tool steels and new materials for aerospace, medical component and oil and gas.



12.00pm : Lunch and networking and registration

1.00pm : Welcome Address by Dr Anders Jarfors

1.10pm : Heat treatment specifics of tool steels and stainless steels by Dr Kunio Namiki

- Fundamentals of Heat Treatment of Advanced Materials, and referral to Daido Grades

- Normalizing/Annealing/Quenching/Tempering/Solution treatment & aging

- Carburizing/Nitriding/High Frequency Induction Hardening/Diffusion process/Coating

- Inspections after heat treatment, Hardness/Microstructure

- Heat treatment and specifics of SUS tool steels

- Characteristics of Precipitation Hardening Steel, ie., 17-4PH


2.10pm : Dimensional change in tool steel: causes and counter measures by Dr Kunio Namiki

- Heat treatment & transformation: changes in microstructures and characteristics

- Dimensional change after heat treatment


3.10pm : Coffee break and Refreshments


3.30pm : Gas quenching technology by Mr Torsten Holm

- Gases and heat transfer in quencing

- Furnace technology for gas quenching

- Practical gas quenching, choice of pressure and speed

- Quality control dimensional accuracy, stacking and equipment capability


4.15pm : SIMTech and PE-COI heat treatment initiative by Dr Anders E. W. Jarfors

- Introduction to the efforts targeted for the heat treatment initiative

- Equipment upgrading

- Consultancy and training

-Technology development


4.30pm : Round table session

5.00pm : End


About Presenters

Dr Anders E. W. Jarfors was awarded both his Msc and PhD from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Dr Jarfors has close to twenty years of experience in light alloy research. His research is focused on the relation between the liquid forging of wrought materials and the control of mechanical properties. The work also targets novel magnesium materials for high strength. In addition to this, work on hybrid super plastic forming is ongoing with the target to develop techniques for mechanical performing for improved thickness control and productivity.


Dr Kunio Namiki was with Daido Steel for 40 years including 6 years career for Japan Sepcial Steel which has since merged with Daido.  He has dedicated most his career as a Researcher and Service Engineer of specialty steels and heat treatment.  He received his PhD from Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan.  His research achievements are in high strength carburizing steels, high strength-high tough steels for automotive use and new tool steels.  Currently, Dr Namiki is involved in the engineering service of die and mold steels mainly for overseas.  He is also a member of  The Iron & Steel Institution of Japan, The Japan Institute of Metals and Japan Society of Heat Treatment.  


Mr Torsten Holm completed his Bergsingenjör (MSc Metallurgy), Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm.

From 1983 - 2000, Mr Holm held he following positions :

- Manager Heat Treatment R&D leading a group of four R&D engineers with the task to initiate and carry throughR&D projects and disseminate, implement and apply results at subsidiaries and customers.  

- Business Unit Manager Heat Treatment including in addition to R&D also market development within the AGA group markets

- R&D manager Metallurgy (in parallel to being Manager Heat Treatment) managing R&D for a group of approximately 20 metallurgical  R&D engineers.

From 2001 when Linde AG bought AGA AB, he was still formally employed by AGA AB in the following positions for the Linde Gas Group, Munich :

- Customer Segment Manager Heat Treatment leading a group of 5-10 market managers and application engineers of German and Swedish nationalities

- Manager Knowledge Management- Applications covering information flow from corporate locations to subsidiaries and vice versa, education, development of KM tools and mentoring of trainees.

Mr Holm is a also a member of the ASM International, Swedish Society for Materials Technology, Svenska Bergsmannaföreningen (Swedish Society of Metallurgical Engineers) and Sankt Örjens Gille.


Who Should Attend

Senior Management and R&D Managers and Engineers from the heat treatment industry and precision engineering companies. Engineers and product developers from design houses.



This is a non-chargeable lecture. To reserve a seat, please register online.

Closing date: 01 April 2011


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