Gun Drilling Seminar: Trends, Applications, Material and Tooling for Deep Hole Drilling of High Aspect Ratio on Exotic Material: Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Photo Voltaic and Mold Bases

Date: 03 Dec 2010 - 03 Dec 2010

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

Gun drilling has been around since World War I. Such design is irrelevant now, particularly in the O&G sector, where it is vital for companies to create high aspects ratio holes of 700 – of 5m deep × 7mm in diameter to accommodate flow and wire lines in order to facilitate communication between surface and the down-hole tools. Many of these down-hole tools are now equipped with highly sensitive instrumentations such as gamma rays, X-rays and magnetic resonance  imaging - that further requires protection using non-magnetic materials such as Inconel  718, Incoly and K-Monel. Such materials are not only expensive but extremely difficult to drill and machine. If incorrect parameter and tool geometry are used, this will cause rapid tool wear, drill breakages and out of alignment holes – leading to costly damages – both in terms of lead-time and material costs. Other industrial sectors including the mould-making, photo-voltaic and aerospace are using gun drilling process to fabricate high aspects cooling channels and bleeding holes - some components with depths greater than 4m.
This seminar is organised by SIMTech to share with the local industry and academia on the current market trends, research directions, technical applications and possible business opportunities related to gun-drilling technology. The participating speakers are prominent material manufacturers, equipment builders, gun drill manufacturers, sensors manufacturers and research scientists in manufacturing technologies
10.00am    Registration & Refreshment
10.30am    Opening Address by Dr Zheng Hongyu, Group Manager, Machining Technology Group, SIMTech
10.35am    Gun Drilling Applications: O&G, Mould Bases & Photo-Voltiac Industry by Dr Lim Beng Siong, Consultant,
                 PE COI, SIMTech
11.00am    Gun Drilling Installations and Growth in Singapore and Asia-Pacific Region 
                 by Mr George Shao, Director, Intec Precision Equipment         
11.30am    Processing of Non-Magnetic and Inconel 718 Material for Drill Collars 
                 by Mr Kiyonori Oshima, General Manager, Daido Steel, Japan 
12.00pm    Gun Drill Design, Chip Flow and Geometry by Mr Kanno Shigeyuki, Consultant, PE COI, SIMTech
12.30pm    Gun Drill Manufacturing Process, Supply, Constraints and Applications 
                 by Mr Yasuhiro Morishima, General Manager, Tungaloy Cutting Tool, Thailand
1.00pm      Lunch
2.00pm      Case Study with Alignment Tool: Cutting Edge Design and Coating for Inconel for 718 & Ti6Al4V 
                 by Dr Lim Beng Siong, Consultant, PE COI, SIMTech
2.30pm      Non-Magnetic & Specialty Alloys Supply Chain Partnership & Metallurgical Support for O&G sector by Mr
                 Enoch Lim, Regional Sales Manager, Carpenter Technology Asia Pacific, South East Asia
3.00pm      Tea Break & Networking
3.30pm      Gun Drilling Applications & Drill Fabrication by Mr Frank Martin Seltmann, Area Sales Manager, TBT, 
                 Germany & Mr Mark Ramsay, Managing Director, TBT, UK
4.00pm      Exotic Material, Customisation & Value-added Partnership for the Oil & Gas sector 
                 by Mr Bill Noble, Regional Manager, Energy Alloys, Singapore
4.30pm      End


Who Should Attend 
Representatives from the oil and gas, mould-making, aerospace & photo-voltaic equipment sectors will find this seminar most relevant. SIMTech SMS & PE COI members, PE business owners and technical professionals, RI researchers, government agencies’ staff,machinists and engineering students are welcome to attend.

This is a non-chargeable seminar. Pre-registration is required. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a seat, please register online.

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