Road show on MRO Challenges and Opportunities : Repair Bonding of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer

Date: 29 Nov 2010 - 29 Nov 2010

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block, 71 Nanyang Drive

This roadshow will provide an excellent platform for industry partners working on composites to interact and share ideas as well as to gain a broader understanding of the state of the art repair technologies used in carbon fibre reinforced polymers. Presenter from the renowned technology leader DLR, German Aerospace Centre will be speaking on the existing and emerging technologies on carbon fibre reinforced polymers.


1.30 pm: Registration
1.45 pm : Introduction of DLR-German Aerospace Centre by Dr. C. Hühne, DLR
Abstract :
Dr Hühne will present an overview on the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), its organisational structure and main tasks. The infrastructure as well as the most important figures and statistics will be presented.
2.00 pm: Overview of the Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems by Dr. C. Hühne, DLR
Abstract :
The presentation covers information on the institute’s organisational structure and its main research activities. The Institute of Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems covers the whole process chain of composites which is illustrated by examples of recent research activities.


2.15 pm: SIMTech’s Joining Activities for MRO Applications by Dr. Goh Chwee Sim, SIMTech
Dr Goh will give an overview on SIMTech’s current joining activities that are related to MRO applications. Research activities will be shared, together with future plans for development of joining capabilities for MRO applications.


2.40 pm: Infusion Technology for Bonded CFRP Repairs by Dipl.-Ing. D. Holzhüter, DLR
This presentation details the state-of-the-art of the bonded patch repair and the most commonly used technologies. Certification including practical issues in the repair process and a new technology based on the infusion of repair patches will be presented. There will be a demonstration on a concept for the automated virtual design of the scarf. The mechanical performance of the technology based on a small coupon probing program is evaluated and compared to a state-of-the-art bonded patch repair.
3.20 pm: Refreshments & Networking

3.50 pm : Round Table Discussion

6.00 pm: Summary and End of Roadshow

About the Presenters
Dr Christian Hühne graduated at the Leibnitz University of Hannover/Germany with a master in Civil Engineering. He worked within the DLR as a research associate with the responsibility for multiple projects for about five years. He finished his PhD Thesis on “Robust design of unstiffened cylindrical shells” made of composite material in 2005 and worked afterwards at the University of Hannover as Head of the Composites Group. He leads the department of Composite Design within the DLR’s Institute of “Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems” since 2008.

Dipl.-Ing. D. Holzhüter graduated at Technical University of Berlin with a master in Aircraft Engineering. He worked from 2005 to 2006 as a Composite Engineer at the INVENT GmbH in Brunswick. He moved on to join the DLR’s Institute of “Composite Structures and Adaptive Systems” into the department of Composite Technology. He is member of the Department of Composite Design since  2008. His fields of expertise are Repair of Composite Structures, Military Aircraft Structures, and Electromagnetic Composite Structures (like Radomes, Antennas)

Dr Goh Chwee Sim is an Assistant Research Scientist with the Joining Technology group in SIMTech. Her PhD research work in the National University of Singapore, funded by the A*star graduate scholarship, is on the development of nanocomposites. One of the main focus of her work is on the use of carbon nanotubes as a nanofiller to improve the mechanical and physical properties of the composites. She is currently working on adhesive bonding and surface treatment of different types of substrate.


Who Should Attend
Researchers from Research Institutes, academics, R&D directors, managers and engineers from transportation, chemical and precision engineering sectors.


To reserve a seat for this non-chargeable seminar, please register online.
Closing date for registration : 29 November 2010


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