Seminar on Finite Element Analysis Simulation for Metal Forming and Cutting Process in Precision Engineering Industry

Date: 10 Nov 2010 - 10 Nov 2010

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation has been utilised extensively and proved to be efficient tools for analysing various engineering problems. With proper implementation, FEA can reduce both time and cost in the new development process, product and tooling. This seminar will illustrate the applications of FEA on metal cutting (chip formation) processes. Dr David Byrne, an FEA expert from PD Solution will present his works on FEA of various metal forming processes, including press forming, deep-drawing, forging, rolling, bending and riveting. Analyses of these actual industrial problems will be demonstrated for attendees to gain more benefits of FEA in these fields. Dr Jay Sartkulvanich, a visiting staff from Engineering Research Center at Ohio State University will present the capability of FEA to analyse burr formation in face milling and coining of surgical
slit knife.

About the Speakers
Dr David Byrne has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Electronics, and a PhD in Semiconductor Device Simulation from Swansea University in the UK. The last of these involved the development and use of FEA software for electrical, thermal and mechanical simulation of high power semiconductor devices. He has lived and worked in Asia for the last 20 years, advising and supporting companies using CAE software in the Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics and Semiconductor industries, and other Precision Engineering applications. He is the Manager of Simulation Products for PD Solutions Pte Ltd, covering applications in structural, fluid, thermal, electromagnetic and optical simulation. He has published in several areas, including the use of FEA tools for sheet metal stamping analysis and other metal forming applications. 

Dr Jay Sartkulvanich is currently working as a visiting fellow at SIMTech. He also holds a postdoctoral researcher position at Engineering Research Center, at Ohio State University, where he has worked more than 10 years on Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for manufacturing design, specialised in metal forming, metal cutting and sheet metal stamping. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering under Professor Taylan Altan (an international renowned expert in metal forming). FEA research by Dr Sartkulvanich has linked with several industrial projects, e.g. stress analysis on the coining dies in production of surgical slit knife, die design to compensate spring back in wire bending of surgical staples, modification of stamping design to improve fatigue life of formed engine gaskets, prediction of fracture in sheet bending of advance high strength steel, and improvement of tool geometry to minimise burr formation in face milling. His responsibilities also include preparing proposals to companies/government agencies to obtain research funding from US government agencies (i.e. NSF, DOE and DOD) as well as training/supervising several graduate students and visiting scholars to conduct the projects.

8.45am         Registration
9.00am         Opening Address
9.10am         Applications of FEA Simulation Tools for Manufacturing Process Simulation by Dr David Byrne, PD Solutions
10.15am       Networking & Refreshment
10.45am       FEA Simulation on Analysis of Burr Formation in Machining Engine Block and Coining of Surgical Slit Knife
                     by Dr Jay Sartkulvanich, SIMTech / Ohio State University
11.45sm       Q&A
12.00pm       End

Who Should Attend
PE industry professionals, managing directors, general managers, product design managers, R&D managers, production managers, project managers, engineers, supervisors, Government agencies staff, researchers, lecturers and engineering students.   

Registration for the seminar is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
To reserve a seat for this seminar, please register online before 9 November.

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