Seminar on Advanced Technology for High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing of Materials used in Oil and Gas Industry

Date: 15 Sep 2010 - 15 Sep 2010

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block, 71 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 638075

Due to the increase demand of the natural oil and gas from many developing countries, such as China, India and South East Asia, the oil and gas business has been identified by Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) as one of the growth areas. However, with limited chance of discovering new oil fields, the current supply will not be able to meet the demand. As such, the techniques used for drilling and delivering the natural oil and gas from its natural source will need to be improved. Precision engineering has a crucial role to assist in manufacturing the high performance components, such as high temperature and pressure turbine with good surface finish as well as high performance filter to improve the productivity in both delivering and refining processes.

This half-day seminar will be focus on identifying various manufacturing technologies that will help to improve the productivity in the oil and gas area.  The keynote presentation by Prof Taylan Altan, Director of Center for Precision Forming will feature his experience on how to apply forming technologies to solve the productivity problems in oil and gas industries. Various technologies developed in-house by SIMTech, such as rotary forming, power injection moulding and injection modeling, which is applicable for oil and gas industries, will be also introduced and suggested.

8.30 am     Registration
9.00 am     Welcome address by Dr Tay Bee Yen, Group Manager of Forming Technology Group
9.10 am     How Advanced Manufacturing Technologies can Improve the Productivity in Oil & Gas Industries?
                  by Prof Taylan Altan, Director of Center for Precision Forming, Ohio State University, USA
10.10 am   Tea Break and Networking
10:30 am   Spin Forming Technologies for High Mixed Low Volume Manufacturing of
                  High Performance Hollow Components by Dr Atsushi Danno
11.00 am   Powder injection moulding to produce metallic/ceramic components
                  by Ms Zhang Su Xia, SIMTech
11.30 am   Applications of polymers and composites in oil and gas Industry by Dr Zhao Jianhong, SIMTech
12.00 pm   Lunch and Networking
1.30 pm     End of Seminar

How Advanced Manufacturing Technologies can improve the productivity in oil& gas industries?
by Prof Taylan Altan, Ohio State University and Center for Precision Forming, USA
Prof Taylan Altan will share his experience in applying forming technology to improve the productivity. One of the examples is in solving the well known problem for oil industries is called “Telescope Effect” for the piping to deliver the oil from the oil-well and technique to repair the underground pipe by using the developed advanced forming technique. He will also share with us the idea called “Blow out Preventers for Oil Disaster Problems” that can be used to prevent the leakage of the oil in the pipeline.

Spin forming technologies for high mixed low volume manufacturing of high performance hollow components, by Dr Atsushi Danno
Spin forming process has a high potential for precision forming of axi-symmetrical hollow components from high strength material with higher material usage (reduced material waste) in high mix low volume production. The advantages of this process are simple & low cost tooling, high flexibility in forming mode and product size (CNC), small forming load and compact machine.
The capability, characteristics and potential applications of spin forming process will be presented based on the R&D works in SIMTech.

Powder injection moulding to produce metallic/ceramic components by Ms Zhang Su Xia, SIMTech
Powder injection molding (PIM) is an advanced technology for processing metal or ceramic powders which combines advantages of plastic injection moulding technology and conventional powder metallurgy technology to sinter the moulded parts. It provides a near-net shaping technology for producing complex and precision components in mass volume out of powder materials at a relatively low cost. These components can be used for oil and gas, automotives, aircrafts and other industrial applications.
The presentation by Ms Zhang Su Xia will review general powder injection moulding process as compared to other manufacturing processes. In addition, case studies for producing multi-functional components and components with internal features will be presented as well.

Applications of Polymers and Composites in Oil and Gas Industry by Dr Zhao Jianhong, SIMTech
Polymer materials and composite structures are being used in an increasing range of industrial applications owing to their corrosion resistance, light weight and relative ease of processing and installation.  In the oil and gas industry, polymers and  composites have been used widely for cooling pipes and systems and numerous other applications including tanks, valves, pumps, pressure vessels and secondary structures. In oil production in deep-water locations, strong, corrosion resistant, and lightweight materials are needed to replace the heavy metal components used in oil platforms for the benefit of reduced weight on the platform deck, reduced cost of the piping, and reduced maintenance costs. This presentation will highlight market potential of polymer materials and composites for oil and gas industry. The polymer materials and manufacturing technologies used for oil and gas industry components will also be introduced.

About Speakers
Prof Taylan Altan is a Professor at the Engineering Research Center for Net Shape Manufacturing (ERC/NSM), Ohio State University, USA. He graduated his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Department from University of California, Berkeley, USA.  His major research capabilities include a) simulation and optimization of forging, sheet forming, hydroforming and metal cutting processes, b) cold precision forging using multiple action tooling, c) blank holder force control in stamping, d) die and mold manufacturing including high speed milling, and e) rapid tool manufacturing and prototyping of products and processes.  Other interests include comparison of manufacturing education in various countries and industry related research and education. He has been working in metal forming areas for more than 40 years and is well decorated with major international awards & honors. Other than that, he is the author for 3 books on metal forming and forging as well as more than 500 technical papers.

Dr Danno Atsushi is a Senior Scientist with the Forming Technology Group SIMTech. He graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan with Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. From 1964 to 2003, he has been engaged in R&D work on high precision metal forming technology such as forging process and lubricant (warm and cold), rotary forming (gears, stepped shafts), finite element simulation, knowledge-based expert system for automotive components in Toyota Central R&D Laboratory, Japan. In 1981, he was granted a degree of Dr. Eng. from Osaka University in Japan. He received the JSTP Award for his papers in 1969, 1988, 1994 and AIDA Technical Award of JSTP in 2000. He was appointed as Director and Board Member of Toyota Central R&D Labs from 1995 to 2001.

Ms Zhang Su Xia received her B.Eng. degree from Hefei Technological University, China in 1984 and obtained her MSc in Materials Science and Engineering from National University of Singapore in 2002. She has more than 20 years working experience in powder processing related to metallic and ceramic materials. She was with the Shanghai Research Institute of Materials and in Eutech N.I.T Pte Ltd Singapore before she joined in SIMTech in 1995. Her research strength covers powder injection moulding/powder metallurgy, material characterization and magnesium casting. Currently, she is working on powder over-injection moulding to manufacture component with complex internal features and transparent ceramics.

Dr Zhao Jianhong is a Senior Scientist with the Forming Technology Group SIMTech. He obtained his Bachelor Degree and Master from South China University of Technology before graduated his PhD from Loughborough University, UK. He has over 20 years’ experiences in polymer materials, processing engineering and applications and has been elected in "Who's Who in Plastics & Polymers" by the International Society of Plastics Engineers in 2000, USA. He also won the Chartered Engineer (CEng) award from the Engineering Council, UK in 2000. Currently, he is the President of The Plastics and Rubber Institute of Singapore, and is an author for over 100 journal and conference technical papers.  

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