Seminar on Advanced Moulding Technologies for Polymer Biomedical Device Manufacturing

Date: 07 Jul 2010 - 07 Jul 2010

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

Polymeric materials are increasingly used in biomedical device due to their cost competitiveness, biocompatibility, and ease of processing.  Contract manufacturers diversifying their businesses towards high-value biomedical device manufacturer face stringent regulatory and product quality requirements. These challenges often deter local SMEs from venturing into this industry.  To meet these challenges faced by our local SMEs, SIMTech is organising an industry seminar to share with industrial partners on the latest trends and technologies in design and manufacturing of polymer-based medical devices. Leading equipment manufacturers will also be sharing their valuable knowledge and experience in the process and development of medical device manufacturing.  Local SMEs who intend to venture into the medical device design and manufacturing supply chain can expect to gain more insights through this seminar, co-organised by The Plastics and Rubber Institute of Singapore (PRIS).





Welcome Address by Dr Tay Bee Yen, Group Manager, Forming Technology Group, SIMTech


Latest Trends, Opportunities and Technology Advancement for Polymer in Medical Applications by Dr Zhao Jianhong, SIMTech


Plastic Injection Moulding Processing Development for Moulding of Medical Device by Mr Markus Kaiser, ENGEL Austria


Launching ofPolymer Biomedical Product Design and Precision Moulding Technology Consortiumby Dr Spencer Chew, SIMTech


Refreshment and Networking


Advanced Hot Runner Technology and Applications of Polymer Biomedical Moulding by Mr Yoshihiro Honda, Seiki Corp, Japan


Quality Uncompromised, Automatic Quality Control in Injection Moulding for Medical Industries by Mr Kuno Marschall, Kistler Instruments


Case Study: Design and Development of Automatic Safety Needle by Mr Chen Ge, SIMTech




End of Session

Latest Trends, Opportunities and Technology Advancement for Polymer in Medical Applications
(Dr Zhao Jianhong, Senior Scientist, Theme Leader of Polymer Group, Forming Technology Group, SIMTech)

Singapore hosts more than 500 MedTech related companies that produce S$2 billion medical-related products annually. Polymer materials are widely used in medical device industry due to low cost, wide range of properties and easy processing. The increasing need for advanced healthcare, new developments in diagnosis and treatment, and the increased lifespan all contributes to rising opportunities in biomedical plastic manufacturing. Dr Zhao will review the latest trends, market opportunities and technology advancement in polymer moulding for the Singapore polymer moulding industry.

Innovative Injection Moulding Technology for Medical Applications
(Mr Markus Kaiser Business Manager of Medical Business Unit, ENGEL AUSTRIA) 

Worldwide demands on medical devices & pharmaceutical products have a strong positive forecast and the devices have become more complex. To optimise the manufacturing volume and produce state-of-the-art medical products to match the high quality standards for manufacturing medical devices, an innovative machine concept is essential. Production procedures must comply with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice in order to obtainproducts of requisite quality. Appropriate industry knowledge is the key to ENGEL's  success, and therefore the company has developed & equipped their machines with industry specific technology.

Advanced Hot Runner Technology and Applications of Polymer Biomedical Moulding
(Mr Yoshihiro Honda, General Manager for Domestic Sales, SEIKI Corporate Japan)

SEIKI Corporate is the pioneer for runnerless all-round manufacturer in Japan. The company has more than 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing of hot runner system and carry a wide range of hot runner products. Tip heater is a SEIKI patented design which allows precise control of gate temperature. This feature is useful for moulding of high melting point engineering material such as PEI that prevents gate freeze off and for product quality improvement. Hot runner system has numerous advantages compared to traditional cold runner system. The advantages include saving cost on material and manpower with the use of a fully automated process, shorter cycle time and superior product quality achievement. Hot runner system is an eco-friendly product which can reduce the use of polymer material and eventually reducing CO2 emission and polymer wastage. The presentation will elaborate case studies on the applications of hot runner system in the moulding of medical products.

Quality Uncompromised - Automatic Quality Control in Injection Moulding of Medical Part
(Mr Kuno Marschall, Managing Director of Kistler Instruments Pte Ltd, Singapore, Technical Adviser for Asia)

One faulty part is already too many if it comes to moulded plastics parts for safety or medical application. Despite the fact that the machine builders are improving the performance of the injection moulding machines continuously, the injection moulding process remains uncontrolled and is producing parts with unequal specifications.  The reason for this is partly related to the base material characteristics which might vary from batch to batch as well as tolerance levels within the machine control which could change the material behaviour in the mould and result in parts out of spec. This makes an individual inspection of the moulded parts necessary.  This inspection process after the moulding process is costly and can be avoided by building a control system into the moulding process. This presentation will describe the control process using sensors in the cavity which are enabling a good/bad decision as soon as the plastics material in the mould is solidified including a cost/benefit analysis.  

Design and Development of Automatic Safety Needle
(Mr Chen Ge, Senior Research Engineer, Polymer Group, Forming Technology Group, SIMTech)

World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported that there are about 600K to 800K needlestick and other percutaneous injuries incurred by health care workers annually. Such injuries may involve needles or other sharps contaminated with blood-borne pathogens, such as HIV, HBV, or HCV. Some of the states in US and EU have set up the law enforcement on the use of safety medical products for preventing needlestick injuries among healthcare workers and re-use. Since 2007, SIMTech has successfully penetrated into the design and development of safety needle product with 2 patents and 1 PCT filed on the safety needle product design. SIMTech is focused on developing passive safety needle design which features minimal human interaction and automatically locked safety feature after use. Mr Chen's presentation will highlight some market analysis as well as the unique features of SIMTech automatic safety needle design.

About the Speakers
Dr Zhao Jianhong is a Senior Scientist in SIMTech. He obtained his PhD from the Loughborough University, UK in Polymer Materials Engineering, and his BEng and MEng Degrees from the South China University of Technology. He has 20 years of experience in polymer materials, processing engineering, and applications. Dr Zhao is currently the President of the Plastics and Rubber Institute of Singapore (PRIS). He is a senior member of the International Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE), and has been elected in “Who’s Who in Plastic & Polymers” by SPE. His current research interests include biopolymers, polymer biomedical and microfluidic devices, polymer biochips for diagnostic applications, and polymer moulding and micro-moulding processes of biomedical materials.

Mr Markus Kaiser is the Business Manager for ENGEL Medical Business Unit in Austria. He obtained his degree in Business Administration & Economics from the Johannes Kepler University. He started his career as a trainee with IBM in Vienna. At ENGEL, he held the position as an Area Sales Manager followed by an assignment with ENGEL North America where he was based in York (USA) as a Sales Coordinator. Since 2010, he has been the Sales Manager for South East Asia, China & India for ENGEL´s medical business.

Mr Yoshihiro Honda is the General Manager for Domestic Sales of Seiki Corp. Japan. He has worked in plastic moulding industry for more than 20 years. He joined SEIKI Corporatehot runner manufacturer in 1986. He is responsible for Japan domestics market and also production development.

Mr Kuno Marschall (MSc, MBA) has more than 20 years of working experience in test and measurement. After graduating from the University of Wuppertal, Germany in 1981 with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he worked for more than 10 years as an Application Engineer for destructive material testing machines and systems. He is currently the Managing Director of Kistler Instruments Pte Ltd, Singapore with a concurrent position as Technical Adviser for Asia. He has been involved in numerous measurement projects with customers in Asia and worldwide. He is experienced in conducting training courses on Instrumentation for engineering measurements. 

Mr Chen Ge received his BEng in Mechanical Engineering from Tianjin University, China in 1989 and holds his MSc in smart product design from Nanyang Technological University in 2001. He began his engineering career as a plastic mould designer and injection moulding engineer in a China based electrical connector company in 1989. He joined SIMTech (formerly known as Gintic) as Research Engineer in 1994. He was involved in various types of industrial consultancy projects on CAE simulation for the new moulding product development, mould design and moulding process optimisation. Mr Chen has more than 20 years experience in the mould design and injection moulding process development. His expertise is on computer simulation and certified power user for the Moldflow and Moldex software. Over the past few years, he worked in collaboration with local contract manufacturers to design and develop new plastic products and process using gas-assisted moulding process for the medical, electrical and automotive applications. Currently, he is appointed as PE COI (Precision Engineering Centre of Innovation) technical consultant in polymer moulding.

This is a non-chargeable seminar and pre-registration is required. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Who Should Attend
- Managing Directors, General Managers, Product Design Managers, R&D Managers, Production Managers, Project Managers, Engineers and Supervisors
- Academicians :  Professors, Lecturers and Students
- Government Agencies
- RI researchers
- Industry professionals who intend to diversify their business goals towards high value-added sector of the polymeric medical product
  supply chain   

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