Seminar on Turbomachinery Flow Path Design with AxSTREAM Software

Date: 21 Jan 2010 - 21 Jan 2010

Venue: SIMTech Training Room 2, Tower Block, Level 3

This half-day introductory seminar offers participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of AxSTREAM, a software system for design, analysis and multidisciplinary optimisation of turbomachinery flow path, including axial turbine, axial compressor, centrifugal compressor, radial turbine, advanced features for XXI century turbomachinery design. This seminar is very useful for aerospace, marine and automotive industries. Sponsored by St. Hua Pte Ltd (http:/ this seminar is jointly organised by PE COI, SIMTech and SoftInWay Inc.

AxSTREAM™ is a robust and efficient suite for axial and radial turbomachinery flow path design, multidisciplinary analysis and optimisation.The AxSTREAM suite of multidisciplinary design, analysis and optimisation software covers the complete process of turbomachinery flow path design from scratch to the creation of blading and 3D CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) calculations for radial and axial turbomachinery involving turbines, compressors, fans, blowers, turbopumps. AxSTREAM significantly reduces turbomachinery flow path design time, shortening complete design cycle time from weeks to days and hours. It becomes available due to new modern approaches in creating software with integrated environment, robust and rapid solvers, completely flexible and user-friendly interface. The software development includes modules for design from scratch, meanline and axisymmetric calculations in design and off-design points, 3D blade design and stacking, structural and vibration FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and complete 3D CFD.

 8:30am                   Registration
 9:00am                   Session 1
10:30am                  Refreshments 
11:00am                  Session 2   
1.00pm                    Lunch & Networking

Seminar Outline
This seminar encompasses presentations of SoftInWay with live demonstration of AxSTREAM features, including:
(1) Integrated environment which supports continuous flow path design and analysis process up to 3D
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) blade models generation;
(2) Capability to accomplish a wide range of design tasks for axial/radial/mixed flow turbines and compressors, turbochargers, fans, blowers and turbopumps;
(3) Capability to perform flow path optimisation in streamwise and spanwise directions; 
(4) Embedded Design of Experiment Engine (DoE) providing multiparametrical optimisation; 
(5) Embedded Streamline Solver which calculates flow path in meanline (1D) and axisymmetric (2D) formulations;
Determination of blade airfoils and stacking optimal design parameters with regard to stage operational conditions; 
Integrated static and vibration express-analyses for automate design tasks with respect to structural restrictions; 
Integrated 3D CFD analysis; 
(6) Development of characteristic curve based on meanline and axisymmetric calculation using AxMAP map generation; 
(7) Fully maintainable codes tailored to continuous development and customisation; and
(8) Examples of various real-life projects that were accomplished using AxSTREAM. 

About the Speaker
Dr Leonid Moroz is the Founder, President and CEO of SoftInWay Inc., a scientific, design, engineering and software development consulting company which specialises in the development of power generating equipment projects in the United States and worldwide. A graduate of Kharkov Polytechnic University, Dr Moroz began his professional career in 1982 at NPO TURBOATOM in Ukraine for ten years with extensive experience in engineering and management fields. He is the chief designer of AxSTREAM™ and has been directing his company in the areas of turbomachinery and power generating equipment research, design and engineering consulting. His team has been actively developing software tools for digital prototyping of turbomachinery units and components. Key areas of his expertise include:
Design of flow path for elements of gas turbines with range of power from 35MW to 115MW; analysis of transient operating conditions (start-ups, shut-downs and etc) and low-cycle; fatigue of the most thermally stressed high temperature components of steam turbines for fossil (220MW, 300MW) and nuclear (500 MW, 750MW and 1000MW) power plants; special thermal field testing of 750 MW and 1000MW steam turbine HP and LP cylinders. conceptual optimised design of gas/steam axial turbines in a wide range of power 220 and 300 MW; design last stage blades for HP and LP steam turbines up to 1030 mm/ 3000 rpm. Dr Moroz is the author of numerous publications.

Who Should Attend
- Scientists, R&D managers, engineers who are involved in the design or retrofitting of flow paths for turbines, compressors, turbochargers, fans, blowers, turbopumps;
- Airline and power station staff who wish to learn how software can be helpful in determining turbines and engines current conditions and maintenance terms; 
- Academic staff and students who are involved in turbomachinery education; and
- Industry professionals who are interested in modern turbomachinery design and calculation approaches.

Registration for the seminar is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

For technical enquiries, please contact Dr Li Wei, Email: or Dr Wong Ee Hua, Email:

For general enquiries, please contact Alice Koh, Email: