Seminar on Predictive Dynamic Machining and Laser Vibrometer Application for Value-added Manufacturing

Date: 28 Oct 2009 - 28 Oct 2009

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

The objective of this seminar is to introduce advanced technology on machine dynamics (chatter and ultrasonic vibration), vibratory finish, NC simulation, dynamic signal measurement, analysis using laser vibrometer to manufacturing / automotive / aerospace companies.
This seminar is sponsored by Sunny Instruments. 

Predictive Dynamic Machining and System Identification Using Fibre Laser Vibrometer byDr Ko Jeong Hoon, SIMTech, A*STAR
The state-of-the-art machining strategy has been more organised and systematic rather than dependent on trial and error approach. Since machining mechanics and dynamics have brought real machining phenomenon to understandable formulation, the machining process can be predicted and the negative phenomenon such as self-excited vibration (chatter) and excessive surface error can be avoided prior to real machining. In addition, the machining system can be evaluated in terms of machining stability which gives an idea of the optimal tooling system configuration. The dynamics of machining system influences the machining surface quality as well as the system’s sustainability. Hence, the identification of the system dynamics is an important input to the solution of optimal machining configuration. The hammer test has been used for identifying the system dynamics. In addition, the laser vibrometer is used to check the amplitude of ultrasonic vibration generator and the runout frequency of micro tool attached to high speed spindle system. 

Process Modelling and Simulation of Media Finishing Techniques by Dr Stephen Wan, SIMTech, A*STAR
Finishing processes add a premium to the value of mission critical parts which are typically made of superalloys or have been expensively produced in the preceding manufacturing steps. Examples include aerospace and medical technology parts. This presentation begins with a brief overview of mass finishing techniques. This will be followed by a report on the progress of on-going work on processing modelling and simulation of media finishing techniques such vibratory and drag finishing, which are widely employed and versatile techniques for volume surface finishing (deburring, polishing, cleaning, peening, etc). 

Dynamic NC Simulation and Optimisation by Mr Liu Peiling, SIMTech, A*STAR
Most NC programmers are aware of the importance of accurate workpiece verification and many are now finding CNC machine simulation to be a necessity as well. What some NC programmers do not realise however, is that information gathered during NC program simulation can be used to optimise cutting conditions and achieve faster machining speed. SIMTech developed a solution of CNC verification and optimisation and successfully implemented in local PE industry. 

Non-contact Dynamic Displacement and Vibration Measuring Technology using Laser Doppler Vibrometer by Dr Song Yunfeng, Sunny Instruments         
The Laser Doppler Vibrometer (LDV) is one of the most efficient devices used in non-contact vibration measurement. It is widely used in industry such as MEMS, hard-disk fabrication. Various precision and different range are required in different circumstances. So calibration for a LDV is crucial to its versatility. In this presentation, a simple but effective calibration method for the LDV is introduced. This will provide industries with a suitable calibration method to reduce the cost and simplify the procedure of calibration and offer a reference for LDV applications.  

Application of Laser Doppler Vibrometer on HDD Precise Measurements by Dr Jiang Quan, Data Storage Institute, A*STAR
Laser Doppler Vibrometer(LDV) is a kind of non-contact precise velocity sensor which can accurately measure the velocity and the relative displacement between the sensor and the tested targeted in a wide of frequency range. Its advantage features include very small tested spot, high resolution, good linearity and excellent accuracy as well as the faraway distance from the tested target. Due to these outstanding performances, LDV has been widely used in HDD industry. In this talk, the applications of LDV to precisely measure the spinning HDD disk vibrations and runout at high spinning speed, and the VCM transfer function in a wide frequency will be introduced in detail. Moreover, the effective methods to improve the measurement accuracy of LDV application will be presented. The corresponding LDV functional software packages will be also mentioned.  The introductions will benefit engineers and researches who wish to measure vibration velocity, displacement and acceleration through LDV. 

About the Speakers
Dr Ko Jeong Hoon is currently an associate research scientist at SIMTech. He gained experience from IFW, Stuttgart as Alexander von Humboldt research fellow and developed plunge milling, multi-insert boring, drilling module in CutPro® at UBC after performing various industrial projects in South Korea. He did training/consulting for local and oversea companies in the area of machining vibration issues. His publication area focuses on dynamic modelling and tests of machining process in time and frequency domain, machining vibration, cutting condition optimisation, chatter avoidance, virtual prototyping, micro machining surface assessment and so on. In addition, US/Korea Patents on feed rate scheduling as well as simulation tool /hammer tester development are included in his achievements. 

Dr Stephen Wan is a Research Scientist and is the research theme leader for abrasive processes in the Machining Technology Group, SIMTech. His work focuses on internal and external finishing of complex surfaces by abrasive material removal and on developing predictive models for surface roughness and geometry change evolution.

Mr Liu Peiling has been a CAD/CAM/CNC researcher and developer for 25 years. His research interests include geometry modelling, 3D NC tool path generation, high speed and ultra precision machining simulation, CAM optimisation, virtual CNC training, and mould design application. He took part in many industrial projects with UG, Autodesk and Delphi. The products include UG Moldwizard, Autodesk InventorMold, Virtual CNC Training Lab, Virtual CNC Lathe, QuickSeeNC, and QuickCNC. All these applications have been widely used in Singapore PE industry. He filed two patents about geometrical representation and mould cavity design method.  

Dr Song Yunfeng is the Director of Sunny Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd. He has 20 years experience in research and development of nano- optical  instruments and sensors. He received his PhD from Tsinghua University in Precision Instruments. His research work has a wide range of industry applications, including hard disk and optical disk driver test, BGA, wafer and the ultrasonic vibration test, micro optical pickup unit assembly and test, OPU factory  set-up, quality control, failure analysis. Etc. His expertise is in laser, optic, photoelectron, mechanics, electronics.Design and alignment of optical-electrical System, especially on nano opticalmeteorology instruments. 

Dr Jiang Quan is a Research Scientist at the Data Storage Institute. His research interests are in precise measurement of mechatronic devices, computer-aided-testing instruments, electric drives, electric machines, power electronics and the applications of micro-controller, DSP, FPGA, LDV, capacitance probe and CCD imaging. He received a BEng from Hefei University of Technology, China, in 1983 and MEng and PhD from Southeast University, China, in 1986 and 1991, respectively. Before joining DSI in 2000, he worked as a lecturer and associate professor at the Southeast University, Nanjing, China, from 1991 to 1994, and post-doctoral fellow and research associate at the University of Hong Kong from 1994 to 2000. He has worked extensively on research of HDD spindle motors and drives, HDD VCM and its control, synchronous motors, and dc motors. He has published more 80 papers and co-authored two chapters of two books. He is the inventor or co-inventors of 5 US and Singapore Patents. In the past several years, he has been awarded the 2006 National Technology Award, and Outstanding R&D Staff, Data Storage Institute, in 2008 and 2006, respectively. Currently, he is a IEEE Member and co-chair and treasure of IEEE Magnetics Singapore Chapter. 

 9.30 am        Registration
10.00 am       Introduction by Dr Ko Jeong Hoon, Machining Technology Group, SIMTech
10.15 am       Presentation by Dr Zhu Chuangui, Sunny Instruments
10.30 am       Presentation on Predictive dynamic machining and system identification using fiber laser vibrometer
                     Dr Ko Jeong Hoon, SIMTech
11.30 am       Presentation on Non-contact dynamic displacement and vibration measuring by Dr Song Yunfeng, Sunny Instruments
12.00 pm       Lunch / Networking
 1.00 pm        Presentation on Dynamic NC simulation and optimisation by Mr Liu Peiling, SIMTech
 2.15 pm        Presentation on Application of Laser Doppler Vibrometer on HDD Precise Measurements by Dr Jiang Quan, Data Storage
 3.30 pm        Presentation on Process Modelling and Simulation of Media Finishing Techniques by Dr Stephen Wan, SIMTech
 4.30 pm        Invitation to Consortium / Q&A 
 5.00 pm        End of Seminar

Who Should Attend
Industry professionals, managers, academic staff, engineers who are involved in productivity improvements and machining quality enhancement, system measurement and analysis using laser vibrometer. 

Registration for the seminar is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
For technical enquiries, please contact Dr Ko Jeong Hoon, Machining Technology Group, Email:; Tel: 6793 8592
For business enquiries, please contact Dr Daniel Lim, Industry Development Manager, Email:; Tel: 6793 8568