Invited Research Lecture: Exoskeletons for Gait Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients

Date: 15 Jul 2009 - 15 Jul 2009

Venue: SIMTech Training Rooms, Tower Bock, Level 3

Robotics is emerging as a promising tool for training of human functional movements. The talk will describe novel designs of lower extremity exoskeletons, intended for gait assistance and training of motor-impaired patients. The exoskeletons have undergone tests on healthy and chronic stroke survivors to assess their potential. GBO is a Gravity Balancing un-motorised Orthosis which can alter the gravity acting at the hip and knee joints during swing. ALEX is an Actively driven Leg Exoskeleton which can modulate the foot trajectory using motors at the joints. This research was supported by NIH through a BRP program. 
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About the Speaker
Professor Sunil K. Agrawal received a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University in 1990. He is currently the Director of Mechanical Systems Laboratory. He has published close to 250 journal and conference papers. Dr. Agrawal is a Fellow of the ASME and his other honoUrs include a Presidential Faculty Fellowship from the White House in 1994, a Bessel Prize from Germany in 2003, and a Humboldt US Senior Scientist Award in 2007. He has served on editorial boards on a number of journals published by ASME and IEEE. He is currently Distinguished Visiting Professor at Hanyan University in Korea. 





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Who Should Attend
Research students, engineers,and R&D managers in robotics and mechatronics.

Registration for this lecture is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first served basis.  

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