SIMTech Consortium on Applying Innovative CAE Techniques for Polymeric Bio-Medical Products

Date: 03 Jul 2009 - 02 Mar 2010

Venue: SIMTech Training Room, Tower Block, Level 3

The Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) consortium provides a platform for plastic moulding companies to upgrade their mould making and moulding capabilities. This will allow companies to move towards high value-added applications with greater ease. SIMTech offers comprehensive training and knowledge on CAE mould flow simulation and analysis which enable companies to improve productivity and shorten product development cycle.  


Deliverables of the consortium include 2 phases comprising:
(1) Introduction on the design guidelines of bio-medical micro chip and medical products
(2) Mould design and fabrication techniques for the moulding of bio-medical micro chip with micro features
(3) Introduction on advanced theory and application of CAE simulation
(4) Injection moulding, control and optimisation of the bio-medical micro chip
(5) Characterisation of bio-medical micro chip
Phase 1  
CAE on die and mould design
* Design and process of bio-medical chip
* Basic and Advanced theories on CAE simulation
* Application of CAE

Phase 2
Case study on bio-medical micro chip OR participating member's product
* Application of CAE on bio-medical chip with small micro-channels
* Mould design, process and CAE simulation on bio-medical product
* Mould assembly, moulding and process optimisation
* Product characterisation and analysis

Additional Benefits
* Acess to SIMTech's polymer processing and analytical facilities**
* Free usage of CAE software ** 

* Engage SIMTech's experienced Research Scientist and Engineers**
** Select one for 5 working days or a combination to a total of 5 working days

Full Fees : S$5,500 (excl GST)             

Fees (after subsidy): S$500 (excl GST) - SME with Innovation Voucher Scheme (IVS) entitled

(Up to 70^ – 90* % subsidy of full fees based on eligibility and subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply)

* SME entitled up to 90% subsidy  ^ Other Singapore-based companies up to 70% subsidy

For more information on Innovation Voucher Scheme (IVS), please visit :

(Closing date for IVS applications - 1st call: 27 April 2009, 2nd call: 31 July 2009 and quarterly thereafter)


Consortium will start when a minimum number of companies have signed up

For technical enquiries, please contact:  

Ms Ng Feng Lin, tel: 6793 8361, fax: 6792 5362 or email to : 

Mr Chen Ge, tel: 6793 8578, fax: 6792 5362 or email to :