Consortium on Cutter Tool Technology

Date: 01 Jul 2009 - 30 Jun 2010

Venue: For Roundtable Mtg on 14 May: Training Room 2, Level 3, SIMTech Tower Block

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) cutting tools have very significant advantages compared with traditional cutting tools such as tungsten carbide and high speed steel.  Its superior hardness allows it to cut tough materials such as non-ferrous super alloys and composites used in the aerospace industry.  PCD can also be fabricated into very sharp and smooth cutting edges, which allows it to cut work pieces with great precision, high quality surface finish, and with minimum burr. This consortium envisions a 3-prong development for your company.

Technology Development
1 year project in development of fabrication technologies for PCD cutting tools
• Data/information: specifications, characterisation and performance
• PCD tool fabrication design
• PCD tool fabrication technology
   - Wire cut, grinding, finishing
   - Relation of fabrication processes, materials, parameters with PCD tool characterisation (sub-surface damage, surface finishes, geometry, etc.)

Knowledge Development
42 hours of WDA certified Specialist Diploma course lectures and hands-on to equip participants with advanced know-how in cutting tool technology
• Review of basic knowledge
• Cutter tool technology
• Cutting edge failure
• Tool management
• CAD/CAM technique for cutter tool manufacturing
• Tool material selection

Additional Benefits
• SIMTech Membership
• Engage SIMTech’s experienced Research Scientists and Engineers for a total of 10 workings days
• Interface with SIMTech’s world renowned Scientists
- Grinding: Prof Zhou Libo (Ibaraki University, Japan)
- Machining: Prof Toshimichi Moriwaki (Kyoto University, Japan)
- Grinding: Prof Ioan Marinescu (University of Toledo, USA)
- Polishing: Prof David Butler (Nanyang Technology University, Singapore)

Your company will benefit from this programme and gain technology and facility know-how for fabrication of high quality PCD cutting tools for production

Roundtable Meeting
An industry Roundtable will be held on 14 May (Thu) for discussions and feedback for the consortium projects. Information related to PCD tool technologies will also be exchanged during the meeting.

Programme for Roundtable Meeting
09.00am   Welcome speech
09.20am   Introduction of Consortium on Cutter Tool Technology
09.40am   Introduction of funding scheme
10.00am   Discussion (Part I)
10.30am   Break
10.50am   Discussion (Part II)
12.00pm   End

Who Should Attend
Engineers and managers in cutting tool manufacturing, as well as industry professionals and researchers from precision engineering, aerospace and automotive sectors.

Please register by 11 May 09 (Mon). Participation in the Roundtable Meeting is free-of-charge.

Please fax your completed registration form to Ms Sarah Tan: (65) 6791 6377(fax), 6793 8278 (tel) or email to


Consortium Fees
Project Fees: S$10,000*  (excl GST)
WSQ Course Fees:  S$2,000# each participant (excl GST), up to 3 partcipants per consortium member           
Funding from SPRING on projects and WDA on training:
Up to 70%* subsidy of project fees based on eligibility and subject to approval. T&C apply
Up to 90%# on WSQ Specialist Diploma cutting tool module, subject to participants’ eligibility
* SME entilted up to 70% subsidy, other Singapore-based companies up to 50% subsidy

For technical enquiries, please contact:
Mr Wu Hu, Tel : 6793 8339, Email:

For business contract enquiries, please contact:
Dr Daniel Lim , Tel: 6793 8568, Email: