Hands-On RFID Workshop (Apr 2009)

Date: 15 Apr 2009 - 16 Apr 2009

Venue: Training Room 1, Level 3, Tower Block

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a horizontal technology that can enable business innovations across many industries beyond retail including hospitality, automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, transportation and logistics. Implementing RFID in an enterprise requires compelling returns on investment (ROI), business process re-engineering and integration of RFID technology with enterprise systems. This course explains the basics of RFID technology, examines the various enterprise applications and introduces the ROI analysis and calculation methods with hands-on session.


Riding on the success of previous workshops, the National RFID Centre is pleased to organise the 5th installment of the Hands-on RFID Workshop on 15 - 16 April 2009. This workshop covers the fundamental theories and practical skills that are crucial to the planning of RFID deployment in an organisation.



Day 1 : 15 April 2009
8.30 am Registration
9.00 am Part 1 : RFID technology by Dr Gan Oon Peen
* Overview of RFID systems

* Principles of RFID System : operating & physical properties

* Frequency and power regulation

* RFID readers and tags

* RFID middleware

* RFID standards
11.00 am Part 2 : Enterprise applications by Mr He Wei and Dr Zhang Neng Sheng
* Enterprise business process analysis
* Operation visibility and tracking

1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm Hands-on session
* RFID tag, reader, middleware and warehouse application
+ RFID supply chain application
5.00 pm Close
Day 2 : 16April 2009
9.00 am Part 3 : Returns on Investment by Dr Song Bin
* Returns on Investment (ROI) analysis and calculation methods and toolkit
* Analysing work-flows and RFID impact areas for savings and value-creation
* Quantifying the common profit factors like visibility, productivity and error reducing
* Hands-on session on ROI computation
11.00 am   RFID Project Planning Exercise :

* Application definition and business case development
* Evaluation of technology and methodology

12.00 pm Lunch
1.00 pm  RFID Project Planning Exercise

Who Should Attend
VPs, Directors, Head of Business Development, Planning and Operation,  Distribution Strategy, Logistics, Manufacturing Solutions, Research & Development, Supply Chain, Transportation Management,  Warehouse Operations / Technology. Chief Technical Officers,  Technical Directors, Directors, Head of Enterprise Architecture, Directors, Heads of System Development, Project Architects, Research Scientists, RFID System Integrators, RFID Technology Resellers / Distributors , Consultants, Academics. Target sectors :
• Retail/ CPG, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Manufacturing 
• Logistics, Warehousing, Supply Chain, Distribution
• Aerospace /Aviation, Defense
• Tourism/Hospitality
• Government / Public Service



Workshop Instructors

Dr Gan Oon Peen is a senior research engineer with SIMTech. He performs research on intelligent control for discrete systems, stochastic optimisation, discrete events system modelling, data mining and industrial control. He has also completed several RFID feasibility studies including RFID for Air Cargo Tracking. He also serves as a technical member of the National RFID Centre. Prior to joining SIMTech, he was a researcher with the Centre for Process System Engineering, Imperial College London.


Dr Zhang Neng Sheng is a research scientist at SIMTech. He has more than 15 years experience in knowledge-based systems and enterprise information systems development. He has led and has been involved in many key projects such as the blackboard based integration framework, Object-oriented Rule-based Inference Tool Kit for C++(ORIT++TM), QuickMouldTM, Enterprise management/execution information system(iPROMISETM) and Enterprise-centric IT(EPC-IT), Intelligent Color Calibration System (ICCSTM), intelligent dispensing system, tracking process modelling, etc. He had been seconded to a local company as Chief Scientist for 2 years since May 2003 under the T-UP programme. His current research focus is in global supply chain visibility, enterprise business process re-engineering, tracking process based on RFID, artificial intelligence, information modelling and enterprise knowledge management.


Mr He Wei received his Master degree from the National University of Singapore in 1997 and joined SIMTech since August 1999. He is a Senior Research Engineer working in the areas of EPCGlobal RFID application in Supply Chain, RFID data/information management, RFID security, VEI (Virtual Enterprise Integration), PDM/PLM/ERP etc. One of his RFID projects is about secure and real-time RFID based track and trace information management in EPCglobal-enabled supply chains. Over the years, he published many research papers. He Wei also has strong industry experience and background. Besides his involvement in several industrial projects in SIMTech, he worked in ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd and IDSC Pte Ltd under the T-UP programme.


Dr Song Bin is a research scientist and the head of the Sustainability and Technology Assessment section in the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology. His current areas of work are on life-cycle process based methods and tools for new technology assessment and product end-of-life management. He has led and participated in many research and industrial funded projects in the areas of intelligent decision-support, life cycle cost modelling and sustainability assessment, product lifecycle management, engineering process management, engineering change impact analysis, concurrent engineering, and development of product information management platform and specialised CAD modules. He graduated with B.Eng from the Northeast University, China and obtained his Ph.D (Mech) from University of London, UK.



Fee: S$100 (including GST).
GST Registration No : M9-0000888-J


Registration closing date: 6 April 2009


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