Seminar on Recent Development of Chromate-Free Conversion Coatings

Date: 17 Mar 2009 - 17 Mar 2009

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Level 3

Conversion coatings are widely used in the precision engineering, aerospace and marine industries. Chromate-free conversion coatings are being developed because of the global restriction on the use of high valence chromium in the conventional practice. It is of great topical interest for both academic research and industrial applications. This seminar provides a good platform for participants to gain a better understanding of the current technological development of chromate free conversion coatings for Al & Mg alloys as well as steels for corrosion protection applications. 

(1)    Alternative Technologies to Chromating Treatment  by Mr LaurentCouvreur
Metal surface treatment prior to painting and for bare corrosion protection is an integral part of every metal treatment operation and has been well established since decades in the different Industries. Chromating and phosphating technologies meet the different requirements established by the customers in terms of paint adhesion and corrosion resistance. However, new regulations have been enforced in order to protect the environment, e.g., by elimination or reduction of heavy metals usage. Chrome has been banned completely by automotive OEMs. The appliance industry and electric enclosures are following the same direction. Solutions to replace other heavy metals are also well on their way, while still ensuring the required performance properties.
Chemetall has been focusing on new environmental friendly technologies, keeping in mind the overall process cost reduction for the user with more environmental friendly, efficient and shorter processes. The presentation will discuss the available chromate free processes from Chemetall for aluminum and steel substrate applications. 

(2)  Recent Trends in the Application of Sol-Gel Coatings for Corrosion Control by Dr Sandor Nemeth
Corrosion of metals and their adequate protection has been a constant engineering issue leading to a wide variety of solutions in the form of coatings. However, some of the traditional solutions such as chromate treatment are being phased out due to their severe environmental and health hazards. Additionally, higher performance coatings have also been sought using new technologies. Elimination of chromates and other hazardous heavy metals as well as improving coating performance can be achieved by the application of sol-gel coatings. Sol-gel coatings can provide outstanding corrosion resistance for a r ange of metals as reported in both the patent and scientific literature. The talk will focus on the review of recent trends in applying sol-gel derived materials to obtain environmentally friendlier and high performance coatings for corrosion prevention.

About the Speakers
Mr Laurent Couvreuris the Business Manager Asia for Surface Treatment, Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd. He studied Mathematics for 2 years in Lycee Janson de Sailly, Paris, before entering the Chemical Engineering School of Toulouse, South of France. With his Chemical Engineer diploma in hand, he joined Continentale Parker in 1992, France, member of Chemetall Group, as Market Manager for Coil & Can Industry. He was then in contact with the Aluminium and Steel Industry, in particular Usinor, which is now known as Arcelor Mittal Group. In the year 2000, Laurent moved to Sh anghai Chemetall as Technical Supervisor for Surface Treatment activities in and Key Industry Manager Coil Asia Pacific. He resumed studying in 2003 to take an EMBA in Sh anghai and graduated in 2005 from CEIBS, China Europe International Business School.
Dr Sandor Nemeth joined SIMTech in 2001 as a research scientist and has been working primarily in the area of coating development for industrial applications. His development work focuses on the chemistry and use of sol-gel materials including the formulation of scratch resistant, corrosion resistant, decorative and electrically conductive/insulating coatings. Previously, Dr Nemeth worked at the (then) Singapore Productivity and Standards Board in the areas of adhesive and coating formulations, material characterisation and material failure analysis. His academic and industrial experience includes surface modification and characterisation work at Virginia Commonwealth University (USA) and additive development at Texaco Inc (USA) and Ethyl Co (USA) after obtaining his PhD in 1994 from Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY, USA).

1.00pm    Registration & Networking

1.30pm    Introduction to SIMTech and PE COI by Dr Qi Guojun, Deputy Group Manager, Surface Technology Group

1.50pm    Alternative Technologies to Chromating Treatment by Mr Laurent Couvreur, Chemetall Asia Pte Ltd
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2.40pm    Recent Trends in the Application of Sol-Gel Coatings for Corrosion Control by Dr Sandor Nemeth, SIMTech
3.30pm    End of Seminar

Who Should Attend
Engineers, managers, researchers and students who work in wet surface finishing areas.

On-line Registration
Registration for the seminar is free of charge. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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