Technology Lecture: Tool-based Hybrid Micro/Nano Fabrication and Open Lab in Machining Technology

Date: 03 Dec 2008 - 03 Dec 2008

Venue: Technology Lecture: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3; Open Lab in Machining Technology, SIMTech Valley Block Level 2

Hybrid micro-machining is the most promising technology for the production of miniaturised parts and this technology is becoming more and more important and popular because of growing demand for industrial products with not only increased number of functions but also of reduced dimensions, higher dimensional accuracy and better surface finish. Hybrid micromachining processes that combine conventional and non-conventional micromachining have the capability to fabricate high-aspect ratio microstructures with paramount dimensional accuracy.

Moreover, hybrid micro machining should be possible on the same machine with minimum change of setups. At the same time, on-machine tool fabrication along with on-machine tool and workpiece measurement facilities are also expected for further enhancement of the functionality of the machine and ultimately improving automated and higher productivity.

In order to achieve meaningful implementation of micro-machining techniques, this research seeks to address four important areas; namely (a) development of machine tool capable to do both conventional micro machining including micro turning, micro milling, etc. and non-conventional micro machining including electrical discharge machining (EDM), wire-cut electrical machining (WEDM), wire-electrical grinding (WEDG).of hybrid micromachining, (b) process control, (c) process development to achieve necessary accuracy and quality and (d) on-machine measurement and inspection. An integrated effort in these areas has resulted in successful fabrication of micro structures that is able to meet the miniaturisation demands of the industry.

Machine tool and process developments have also been carried out for nano surface generation using (i) electrolytic in-process dressing (ELID) grinding and (ii) ultra precision machining using single point diamond tool on hard and brittle materials such as electroless nickel plated molding dies, BK7 optical glass and silicon wafers. Hybrid fabrication has been carried out for successful and efficient impletion of these processes.

This presentation describes few tool-based approaches integrating micro-EDM, micro EDG, micro-turning and micro-grinding to produce miniature components and products with nano surfaces. It also describes the features and aspects of multi-process machine tools that is capable of hybrid micromachining.

About the Speaker
Dr Mustafizur Rahman has been with the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the National University of Singapore since 1982, and is currently a Professor. His research interests include micro/nano machining, design and development of miniature machine tools and devices for micro/nano machining, and high speed machining of difficult-to-machine materials. He has received Outstanding Achievement Awards from the Singapore Institute of Engineers and the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2003 and 2005 respectively. He has authored 330 journal and conference papers. He is an editorial board member of 8 International Journals.Currently, he is the director of an NUS spin-off company, Mikrotools Pte Ltd. ( which produces machine tools for micro and nano fabrication. 

12.45pm: Registration 

  1.00pm: Presentation by Professor Rahman

  2.00pm: Open Lab in Machining Technology

  3.30pm: Tea break and open discussion

  6.00pm: End

Open Lab in Machining Technology
Process Technology development is key to support and grow the local PE industry. The PE COI is organising an Open Lab event together with the Machining Technology Group in SIMTech to showcase some of its R&D projects as well as core competencies in machining. 

The objectives of this event are:
· Allow industry to better understand the machining technologies being
  developed at SIMTech
· Provide a platform for discussion with engineers and researchers on machining
· Receive input and suggestions from the PE industry on technologies need be
· Foster closer relationship with the PE industry

SIMTech researchers will showcase their projects in the form of posters next to the machines used for their projects. Industry visitors are welcome to freely mingle and discuss with SIMTech researchers, find out details of the purposes and objectives of the projects, give comments and suggestion and even help guide the researchers to identify industrially relevant technologies for development. 

Here are the projects being shown:
· Machining dynamics
· Virtual CNC machining
· Micro machining
· Ultra-precision machining of optical surfaces
· Loose abrasive processes: cost effective finishing for high value parts
· Cutting tool development: PCD and Carbide
· Laser cleaning of aerospace components
· Laser machining of composite / surface texturing
· Laser drilling of ceramic
· Laser dicing of silicon wafer
· Modelling laser dicing
· Laser machining of tools

The atmosphere will be informal with no time schedule on any specific showcase. Come anytime between 2pm and 6 pm on 3 December 2008.

Who Should Attend
Engineering managers, engineers, executives and technologists from the precision engineering, aerospace, automotive, photonics, optics, bio-technology, manufacturing and machining clusters; researchers, academic staff and students from higher institutions, polytechnics and universities.

On-line Registration
Pre-registration for the lecture and lab visit is free of charge.

For technical enquiries: 
Dr Liu Kui, Tel: 6793 8565

Dr Gary Ng, Tel: 6793 8504

For enquiries on Machining Technology lab visit:
Dr Daniel Lim Jye Suenn, Tel: 6793 8568 

For registration and general enquiries:
Alice Koh, Tel:  6793 8249