Seminar: Dynamic Modelling, Test and Application for Value-added Manufacturing Process

Date: 30 Oct 2008 - 30 Oct 2008

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block

Jointly organised by SIMTech, CentiForce Instruments and Data Physics Corporation, this seminar provides an interactive forum for participants to gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of comprehensive dynamic modelling, test and application, encompassing CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools and die/mould manufacturing. Topics include machine tool vibration, machining dynamics, chatter stability model, optimisation, applications, vibratory finishing and applications, dynamic signal measurement analysis applicable to local manufacturing industries including automotive and aerospace companies. 
The speaker from US-based Data Physics Corporation will explain with detailed demonstration, considering the types of modal test methods, different types of excitation and single reference and multi-reference techniques. Key topics include the concepts of dynamic test, diagnostic and application, general FFT, structural rotating machinery, acoustics, environmental, production/quality control, general DAQ, throughput recording, live impact test demo on test beam and curve fitting in ME scope. 

Dynamic Modelling and Tests for Vibration Reduction and Process Optimisation 
This presentation deals with machine tool/machining dynamics, vibration, process modelling and optimisation. In order to make a breakthrough on machining problems such as chatter, machined form error and low productivity, dynamic modelling and process optimisation technology will be introduced based on comprehensive mechanics and dynamics. The machining simulation technology has been applied to manufacturing industries, including aerospace, automotive, die-mould, defense, and precision machining industries since 1950s. By selecting a right set of cutting condition based on dynamic modelling approach, machining productivity can be increased from tens to several hundred percentages. The technology can be applied to cutting condition optimisation, chatter avoidance, machine tool/ fixture design and evaluation based on machining performance. Relative industries include aerospace, machine tool, die/mould CNC machining, automotive, precision engineering, tool maker, and CAM software. 

Vibratory Finishing for High Value Add Components 
Finishing processes add a premium to the value of mission critical parts which are typically made of  superalloys or have been expensively produced in the preceding manufacturing steps. Examples include aerospace and medical technology parts. In this presentation, the progress to-date on the on-going work, focusing on vibratory finishing, which is a widely employed and versatile technique for volume surface finishing (deburring, polishing, cleaning, peening, etc). In particular, participants will be shown a mechanistic approach that crosses tribology and granular flow dynamics, with the aim of developing predictive models for free-form three dimensional point surface roughness and geometrical change evolution.

• Dynamic Tests, Diagnostics and Applications
In this presentation, the comprehensive dynamic test and application will be covered including general FFT, structural, rotating machinery, acoustics, environmental, production/quality control, general DAQ/throughput recording/playback. Some industrial applications will be detailed considering paper machinery diagnostics/cases and turbo machinery diagnostics/cases along with live impact test demos.

About the Speakers
Dr Ko Jeong Hoon is senior research engineer at SIMTech, AvH fellow, and CutPro® plunge milling, multi-insert boring, drilling module developer and consultant. His work focuses on machine tool vibration, dynamic modeling and tests of machining system, cutting condition optimisation, chatter avoidance and dynamics of vehicle/machine tool system.

Dr Stephen Wan is research scientist and theme leader for abrasive processes in the Machining Technology Group, SIMTech. His work focuses on internal and external finishing of complex surfaces by abrasive material removal and on developing predictive models for surface roughness and geometry change evolution. 

Mr Arun Menon has worked six years for Data Physics Corporation, and holds a position as the Product Manager for Dynamic Signal Analyzers.He has previously worked for Beloit Corporation, ABB and Metso Paper, and has gained a wide application knowledge from the industry. Mr Menon hold a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Colorado State University (USA) and his Areas of Expertise is Modal Testing and Rotating Machinery Diagnostics. 

9.30 am:   Registration & Networking

10.00am:  Welcome Address by Dr Zheng Hongyu, Group Manager, Machining 
                Technology Group

10.05am:  Introduction

10.15am:  Presentation by Dr Ko Jeong Hoon
                - Dynamic Modelling and Test for Vibration Reduction and Process
11.00am:  Refreshments & networking

11.15am:  Presentation by Dr Stephen Wan
                - Vibratory Finishing for High Value Add Components
12.00pm:  Lunch

 1.00pm:   Presentation by Mr Arun Menon
                - Introduction to Data Physics
                - Industrial Rotating Machinery Diagnostics
                - Q&A
2.15pm:    Refreshments, Demo & Networking

2.30pm:    Presentation by Mr Arun Menon
                - Modal Testing (inclusive of live impact test demo on test beam and
                curve fitting in ME scope) 
3.45pm:    Q&A Session

4.30pm:    End

Who Should Attend
Engineers, academics, senior industry professionals from precision engineering, electronics, aerospace, automotive, transport engineering and those interested in machining quality enhancement, system measurement and analysis will find this seminar very useful. 

Pre-registration for the seminar is free of charge. Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Technical Enquiries
Please contact Dr Ko Jeong Hoon, Senior Research Engineer, Machining Technology Group, at Tel: 6793 8592; Email:

For general enquiries on the workshop, please contact Alice at 6793 8249 or