Current Needs & Future Directions in Composite Technology for MRO Industry

Date: 22 Oct 2008 - 22 Oct 2008

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Level 3, Tower Block

The glowing promises of composite materials and structures are often diminished by damage tolerance requirements. While it is imperative that composites structures be predictable, safe and durable, criteria for MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) must be critically simulated, assessed and validated. Current practice of a strain-based empirical approach must be replaced by more rational and innovative solutions. There is a need for simulation that can track defect, damage, and their growths. Such simulation can predict effects on residual strength and life. Inspection and repair must also be simulated accurately. These activities and tools may be placed under the umbrella of MRO.

The team in Stanford University has recently competed successfully on three programmes: all MMF(Micro-Mechanics of Failure)-based strength and life prediction of bonded p-joints, design allowable, and creep rupture of civil engineering structures. Proposals were submitted for programs on nonlinear MMF, and damage tolerance of hybrid composites.There are opportunities in Singapore for achieving global recognition in MRO in composites with a local team that can focus and succeed in this niche area. With the goal to lead the world in training MRO, with practices that can keep aircraft safe and operational, and even impact on how planes can be designed and built.

About the Speaker
Prof Stephen W Tsai was born in Beijing in 1929, and graduated from Yale University with a BE and a DEng in mechanical engineering in 1952 and 1961. Steve worked for several companies, Washington University, and the US Air Force Materials Laboratory. He has been with Stanford University since 1990. The speaker has sustained interest in composites for more than 40 years. He pioneered many basic concepts and methods of design. He has worked with many established and young engineers around the world, and has been in Singapore on many occasions to collaborate with academia, industry and government agencies. http:/

10 copies of the book will be displayed for sale and autographed by Steve. The cost for the book is SGD225.

1.30pm: Registration
1.45pm: Current Needs & Future Directions in Composite Technology for MRO Industry by Prof Stephen W Tsai
2.30pm: Q&A
3.00pm: End

Who Should Attend
R&D managers, engineers & researchers from the aerospace, defence, precision engineering, transportation industry and academia relevant to composite materials.

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