Technology Infusion Programme on Cost Effective Near-net Shape Manufacturing by Powder Metallurgy and Powder Injection Moulding

Date: 13 Aug 2008 - 17 Sep 2008

Venue: SIMTech Seminar Room, Level 1, Valley Block

The course provides a forum to bring researchers and practitioners together for exchange of ideas.  It is structured with a comprehensive introduction to Powder Metallurgy (PM) which includes the fundamental of the different processing steps and the quality issues concerning raw material and finished parts.  It also presents an excellent opportunity for the participants to gain a full understanding of Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) technology - from its properties and applications to the opportunities and the setting up of a PIM company.  Advanced technologies enhancing the product performance as well as emerging markets and high-end, high-value applications for PM parts will be introduced.  

Throughout the course, case studies highlighting the application of PM and its related processes in automotive, aerospace, precision engineering, biomedical and marine industries will be used to enhance participant’s appreciation of the technologies.  Lab session demonstrating the PM/PIM process in action and their equipment is also planned. 

SIMTech Forming Technology Group specialises in the development of high performance material and product through net-shape or near net-shape forming/shaping of customised and advanced materials. The course leaders are from the Powder Theme of the Forming Technology Group.  The Theme has a strong working relationship with companies (both local and industry) and academia on the material development and processing of particulate material of most metallic and alloy materials and ceramic for applications in precision engineering, environmental, energy, electronic and medical devices.  High-performance ceramic, porous scaffold, filter dental product, capillary wire, microfluidic component, electrode, cutting blade are among some of the products jointly developed with company and university/institutions.

Course Team
· Dr Li Qingfa, Course Team Leader, Senior Scientist
· Dr Tay Bee Yen, Research Scientist
· Ms Zhang Su Xia, Senior Research Engineer
· Dr Florencia Edith Wiria, Research Engineer
· Mr Li Tao, Senior Research Officer

Course Outline
(Every Wednesday for 6 weeks: 13, 20, 27 August, 3, 10 & 17 September)
Session 1: Introduction to the technological process and progress of PM
Session 2: Characterisation and Quality Assurance
Session 3: Powder Injection Moulding (PIM)
Session 4: Innovative Technologies of Powder Based Technologies
Session 5: Processing of High Performance PM Parts
Session 6: Inroad to High End and High Value Product

Who Should Attend
This course is beneficial for business and procurement managers, engineers and component designers as well as practitioners of powder and particulate processing technology. It is a must for organizations that are exploring the business opportunities associated with Powder Metallurgy, Powder Injection Moulding and their related technologies. 

Pre-registration for the course is necessary. Fee inclusive of course material, buffet dinner (halal) and refreshments.

Closing Date
12 August 2008 (Tuesday)

Registration Fee
SMS Member: S$428.00 (inclusive of 7% GST) per participant.
Non SMS Member: S$535.000 (inclusive of 7% GST) per participant.

SIMTech members enjoy 20% discount, terms and conditions apply. (Limited to 2 participants for Category I members, and 4 participants for Category II members). Companies which join SMS now enjoy a complimentary TIP seat.

For enquiry on SMS Membership
Please contact Devi at 6793 8388 or email for more details.