Technology Lecture: Effective Nano-Characterisation and Analysis Techniques Using the SEM

Date: 12 Aug 2008 - 12 Aug 2008

Venue: SIMTech Training Room 2, Tower Block, Level 3

This is a half-day lecture focused on effective nano-characterisation and analysis using the SEM. The investigation and analysis of nano-particles and thin films is becoming increasingly important in a wide range of varied applications. Structures now being studied in the SEM are commonly much less than 100nm in size and require new approaches to be used to ensure valid spatial information is obtained. The effective analysis of sub-micron structures requires careful consideration of the analytical conditions being used including sample preparation methods, optimisation of analytical parameters, the impact on electron-beam sample interactions plus the appropriate choice of hardware and software tools. Participants will be introduced to practical methods for effective nano-characterisation and thin film analysis using the latest advancements in X-ray microanalytical and Electron Backscattered Diffraction techniques

About the Speaker
Dr Julie Sheffield-Parker has more than 20 years experience in micro-analytical techniques and has worked for Oxford Instruments for much of that time in a range of appointments including technical sales, applications and customer support.  Currently she is the Applications Development Manager for East Asia, responsible for improving and increasing the company’s applications capability in the region.  She holds a First Class Honours Degree in Science and in 1990 was awarded a PhD from the Camborne School of Mines, UK. Julie has extensive experience in technical sales, marketing and support of electron microscopy based techniques, specialising in microanalysis and imaging applications.


1.00 pm: Registration

1.30pm:  Introduction by Mr Wilson Sim

1.45pm:  Presentation by Dr Julie Sheffield-Parker
             - Optimising Analytical Conditions for the effective Characterisation and 
             Analysis of Nano-Particles and Thin Films using X-ray Micro-analytical
             Techniques in the SEM

2.45pm: Presentation by Dr Julie Sheffield-Parker
             - Nano-structural Analysis using EBSD – An Introduction to the
             Technique and Its Applications

3.30pm: Tea Break & Networking

4.00pm: Presentation by Dr Julie Sheffield-Parker
             - Thin Film Inspection and Dimension – Non-destructive in-situ
             Measurement of Thin Film Structures Using Thin Film ID

4.45pm: Presentation by Dr Julie Sheffield-Parker
             - Offline Introduction to ThinFilm ID

5.05pm: Q&A Session

5.30pm: End

Who Should Attend
Engineers, Scientists and Technical Managers who perform nano-characterisation and thin film analysis and are using, or interested in using, Scanning Electron Microscopy for research & development, failure analysis and quality control.

Pre-registration for the course is necessary. Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

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Ms Ng Fern Lan, Email:

For registration and general enquiries: 
Alice, Email: