Seminar on Technology Management

Date: 02 Jun 2008 - 02 Jun 2008

Venue: Training Room 2, Level 3, Tower Block

Seminar Programme




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2.30pm    Presentation on Translating Research Results into Industrial Applications by Dr Lee Loke Chong, Deputy Executive Director (Industry), SIMTech and Executive Vice President (Flagship Projects), Exploit Technologies Pte Ltd (ETPL)

Abstract: Often national competitiveness and innovation are measured by the level of research   outputs in the form of publications and patents. Since much of such results are generated in the public sector, it is necessary to have mechanisms to bridge the research and industry divide. Some insight will be given on the way Singapore deals with this challenge.


2.50 pm    Presentation on Knowledge Structuring TechnologybyDr Katsumori Matsushima, Professor ofUniversity ofTokyo, Chairman of Business Model Association

Abstract: Innovation, sustainability, environment are topics that transcend a wide range of academic fields such as science, engineering, economic and social. Dr Matsushima will present the latest information about knowledge structuring research undertaken at the University of Tokyo. The project aims to develop a solution which allows us to get an integrated and consolidated understanding of the related fields.


3.50 pm    Q&A


4.15 pm    Coffee Break and Networking


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About the Speakers

Dr Leeobtained his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering (1st Class Honours) from the University of Malaya. Subsequently, he was awarded a Masters degree (with distinction) in Production Technology from the University of London and the DIC from the Imperial College, London. He was conferred the PhD from the Imperial College/London University. After obtaining his doctorate, he spent one year as a Post-doctoral Fellow in Cranfield University researching on Electro-discharge Machining. He then joined the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, National University of Singapore where he stayed for 13 years. In 1992 he assumed the position of Director, Institute of Manufacturing Technology (IMT). He is currently the Deputy Executive Director (Industry) and holds concurrently the post of Executive Vice President (Flagship Projects) in Exploit Technologies Pte. Ltd. Dr Lee’s research interests are in Electro-discharge Machining, Metal Machining, Manufacturing Management and Technology Management. He has acted as a consultant for companies on technical, organizational and productivity assignments. Dr Lee has published about 100 papers and has chaired as well as served as an international advisory member for a number of international conferences in Singapore and abroad.


Dr Katsumori Matsushimareceived a Doctor of Engineering in 1979 from the University of Tokyo and is now a professor of School of Engineering, Technical Management Innovation Department, at the University, teaching “Business Management”.

Dr Matsushima began his career as an engineer of Jet engines in one of the leading companies of heavy industry in Japan. In 1982 he joined IBM Japan and has led its business in sales and marketing with his high engineering skills and knowledge. During the 15 year career with IBM, he was the Director of Industry Marketing and Strategy, Manufacturing Industry ISU, and thereafter General Manager of Manufacturing Industry ISU AP/ South &China.

In February 1997 he was appointed as Managing Director, US partner of PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consultants Ltd., Japan, and has supervised the business strategy, ERP, and other major projects of enterprises. In 1999, Dr Matsushima returned to the University of Tokyo as a professor after long years of career in business. At the same time he was a visiting professor on “Corporate strategy” at Waseda University, School of Engineering.

In 2000, Dr Matsushima founded Business Model Association to create a wider and stronger network beyond the borders of business, academic and governmental world. He is actively working as the Chairman to collaborate with people from various kinds of fields to make a diverse and effective organization for the Japanese society. Dr Matsushima’s most recent work is leading the project on “Structuring of Knowledge”, which aims to show a perspective understanding of the multidisciplinary topic.  One typical case is “Environments” which encompasses such fields as science, engineering, economics and social. This project is an innovative trial in the academic world that it is currently attracting a great deal of public attention.

Another important project is “Local Cluster for Economy Growth”, which aims to show a model on how to organize university, industry and government policy to enforce the local economy to face the global competitive complex. In April 2008, he was appointed as the head of Innovation Policy Research Center of Institution of Engineering Innovation in the University of Tokyo.

Dr Matsushima is a member of Japan Engineering Academy, and also a member of the board of IT Coordinators Association, Digital Content Association of Japan, and Computer Entertainment Software Association. He has been participated many of the governmental advisory council about Local Cluster for Economy Growth.



Registration for this seminar is FREE-OF-CHARGE and seats are confirmed on first-come-first-serve basis.

Closing date for registration : 31 May 2008.

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