National RFID Centre (NRC) Seminar on Recent Developments in RFID Technology and Applications

Date: 29 May 2008 - 29 May 2008

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

RFID technology is a versatile technology with a myriad of application opportunities that has the potential to boost innovations in both the public and private sectors. The use of RFID technology presents opportunities for cost reduction, process innovation, efficiency generation, and service improvement. However, high cost of RFID technology and lack of compelling business cases are often cited as the major barriers for RFID adoption.

Organised by the National RFID Centre (NRC), this seminar brings together a diversity of RFID practitioners to share with you on some recent developments in RFID technology and applications that address these issues. 

The National RFID Centre (NRC) is a multi-government agency effort by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the Economic Development Board (EDB), the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and SPRING Singapore. Endorsed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the National RFID Centre serves as the focal point for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in Singapore.

About the Speakers
Mr Jesse Chung is a Manager leading the Global Business Development Team of Samsung Networks, which is one of the major network and telephony service providers in Korea. Samsung Networks, an affiliated company of Samsung Group, provides not only network services but also various kinds of RFID related solutions such as RFID for manufacturing process innovation, RTLS for vehicle yard management, and RTLS for premium silvertown residents. He is currently in charge of overseas sales and marketing for all RFID and RTLS products in Samsung Networks.

Mr Ng Kian Sing is a Manager of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), Process Platform & RFID Solutions, Microsoft Asia-Pacific. His portfolio includes design solutions and implementations in the areas of SOA, Integration, BPM and RFID for key enterprise customers, alongside key SI, ISV and IHV partners.

Mr He Wei is a Senior Research Engineer of the Planning and Operations Management Group in SIMTech. His areas of research encompass secure RFID data management and track & trace in supply chains, EPCIS information management in EPCglobal-enabled supply chain, Supply Chain visibility, New technologies (e.g. Web 2.0 technologies) improving B2B communication and interaction capabilities for Enterprise Integration (EI), Enterprise solution design development and implementation for industry companies, cross-docking coordination technology and solution application etc. His practical experience is backed by a masters degree from the National University of Singapore. Besides involving in several industrial projects collaborations for various companies, He Wei has worked for IDSC Pte Ltd and ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd. He has published numerous research papers.

Samsung Real-Time Location System (RTLS Technologies and Applications)
RTLS (Real-Time Location System) is an automated system that monitors the location of objects or people in real time, from a distance, within a physical space. The physical space can be a building, a warehouse or a yard. It can be indoor or outdoor. These days, more and more enterprises and public groups are seeking such systems for safety, security and efficiencies. This presentation views the latest technologies and applications of RTLS overall. It also introduces Samsung RTLS architecture and features. 

Real-World RFID with Microsoft BizTalk RFID Platform 
This presentation highlights some of our key observations of what drives and typifies a successful real-world RFID application (as opposed to an RFID experiment and science project). 
Firstly, the key driver must always starts with the business needs and ends with the business benefits, with the sensor data being seamlessly incorporated into the enterprise business applications such as SAP ERP, WMS, etc, along with the business analytics / intelligence for the business end-users. Otherwise, the technology and the sensor data collected by RFID will be useless. This requires the incorporation of an RFID initiative into the business process, and being a subset of the enterprise SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture), using an unified and extensible "RFID cum SOA middleware" such as BizTalk Server for SOA and RFID, which not only provides the basic capabilities like hardware device abstraction (through the "Device Service Provider Interface" or DSPI) and connectivity, device management and data management, but also delivers end-to-end capabilities, including application integration, business process management and analytics (e.g. Business Activity Monitoring or BAM). 

Next, real-world RFID scenarios should be applicable anytime, anywhere (hence may not always be connected) and any devices (RFID and barcode hardware). Therefore, the latest BizTalk RFID Mobility release is designed to complement the existing BizTalk RFID Server (Fixed) in providing the store-and-forward capability over an end-to-end platform that extends the management and event processing experience to mobile devices, thus allowing communication between the server and mobile platforms for real-time decision-making by mobile workers as well.

Last but not least, organizations need to look no further than to Microsoft's entrance into the RFID market / space for the optimum timing to adopt and embrace RFID (has crossed the chasm of the technology adoption curve into the main stream). Microsoft is committed to collaborating with the worldwide standard bodies to help the market standardize, commoditize and adopt RFID affordably and easier across organizations of any sizes (beyond just the Walmarts'), even across the consumers' space, and across everyday scenarios. This presentation also shares selected real-world RFID case studies to illustrate these points.

Technology for Enabling Secure Supply Chain Visibility
This presentation illustrates a solution for secure and real-time RFID-based track and trace in EPCglobal-enabled supply chains leveraging on the EPCIS in EPCGlobal network. When a product bearing a RFID tag goes through its supply chain, all the RFID events are captured and stored into the EPCIS which can be shared among other participants in the supply chain through EPCGlobal network. Two levels of security in the solution will be discussed. One of which is at lower level, between reader and tag; and the other is at higher business level to control information sharing among supply chain participants in a COT (circle of trust). The solution will help manufacturers respond to their customers more quickly.  

2.30 pm  Registration

3.00 pm  Samsung Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) Technology and 
              Applications by Mr Jesse Chung, Manager, Global Biz Team,
              Samsung Networks Inc.

3.30 pm  Real-World RFID Applications using Microsoft BizTalk RFID Platform
              (Server and Mobile) Technology by Mr Ng Kian Sing, Manager of SOA
              & Process Platform Solutions Sales - Asia Lead, Microsoft Asia

4.00 pm  Refreshments & Networking

4.30 pm  Technology for Enabling Secure Supply Chain Visibility
              by Mr He Wei, Senior Research Engineer, SIMTech

5.00 pm  End

Who Should Attend
Industry professionals from pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, supply chain, distribution, aerospace, aviation, defence, tourism, hospitality and public sector. CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, VPs, Chief Technical Officers, Technical Directors, Directors of enterprise architecture, Directors or Heads of systems development, project architects, research scientists, RFID systems integrators, RFID technology resellers, distributors, senior consultants, Head of business development, planning and operations, - distribution strategy, logistics, manufacturing solutions, research & development, supply chain, transportation management, warehouse operations, technology and academic staff members.

Registration for this seminar is free of charge and seats are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Pre-registration is necessary.

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