Technology Lecture: Picosecond Fibre Laser - A New Industrial Tool

Date: 07 May 2008 - 07 May 2008

Venue: SIMTech Training Room, Tower Block, Level 3

Micro manufacturing processes are the fastest growing area of applications for lasers due to the dynamic consumer electronics market. For example, the booming photo-voltaic industry has boosted the demand for laser micro-processing applications and alternative manufacturing technologies which can lower the initial high investment cost.

Lasers have the potential to overcome some of the difficulties introduced by traditional tools because of lower investment cost, no mechanical stress to the workpiece and no chemicals involved. However, problems associated with conventional lasers such as large heat affected zones (HAZ) remain largely unsolved. The use of green or UV-lasers with optimised laser parameters can reduce this problem, but cannot be totally eliminated.

It has been demonstrated that with ultra short laser pulses, materials can be processed with excellent quality and high precision. However, slow processing speed and complexity in the system are the short comings with these lasers. Corelase has developed X-LASE picosecond fiber laser to overcome these problems. High processing quality combined with high processing speeds makes X-LASE a very attractive industrial tool.

About the Speaker
Mr Jari Sillanpää isaDirector of Corelase's world-wide sales and marketing. Corelase specialises in laser technology and develops laser systems that are revolutionising a wide variety of material processing applications.Prior to joining Corelase in 2003, Mr Sillanpää had held various positions at Coherent. He joined Coherent Tutcore in 1997 as Quality Manager, then Manager of Business Processes. In 2001, he moved to Coherent headquarters as Manager of Supply Chain Systems and was responsible for the world-wide implementation of the manufacturing modules of the new Oracle ERP system. In 2002, Mr Sillanpää became the Director of ERP Implementation where he led the world-wide implementation of the Oracle ERP system for Coherent. Mr Sillanpää holds a Master of Science degree from Tampere University of Technology, Finland. Hehasauthored overvarious articles on micromachining and lasers.

9.45am: Registration
10.00am: Presentation
11.15am: Q&A
11.30am: Networking & Refreshments

Who Should Attend
Researchers, academic staff, engineering professionals and students involved in laser material processing will find this presentationvery informative.

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