Technology Lecture on Composites Repair Technologies

Date: 15 Feb 2008 - 15 Feb 2008

Venue: Training Room 1, Level 3, SIMTech Tower Block


This interactive lecture will cover the following key discussion points :

- Bonded repair processes and technologies used to restore secondary structures may  not be suitable for repairing damaged primary structures. 
- Material selection, repair designs, heating and curing processes, compaction pressure, volatile removal, etc. become more critical throughout the entire process.

- Understanding thermal profiles, managing thick ply stacks, documenting quality, ensuring a trained staff, and using the correct repair information each contribute to a successful repair.

The lecture will also provide some insight on various aspects of repair as in :

- Damage Assessment

- Design and Analysis

- Repair Preparation

- Repair Installation

- Repair Validation

- Repair Documentation


Who Should Attend

This event is targeted at researchers, R & D Managers, engineers from the aerospace, defence, precision engineering, transportation industry and academia relevant to composite materials.


About Speaker

Mr. Westerman holds the position of Technical Fellow – Structural Repair Technology at Boeing Company, Seattle, WA.  He has numerous repair related patents currently in use by airlines throughout the world.  He developed the baseline composite repair documentation used by the US military. He is the technology lead for the repair and inspection group within Phantom Works.  He is also the committee co-chairman for the Composite Materials Handbook-17 --Supportability and Maintenance Section.