Remanufacturing Seminar & Exhibition: Remanufacturing Technology for the Manufacturing Industry

Date: 21 Nov 2013 - 21 Nov 2013

Venue: SIMTech Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3

Remanufacturing Seminar & Exhibition
Theme: Remanufacturing Technology for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry is transforming to cope with more competitive markets in the global manufacturing space. For this, many have tapped into technology to innovate manufacturing processes and achieve resource optimisation, sustainability, and value creation. 

With this transformation, remanufacturing has emerged as a new opportunity for companies to move up the value chain and grow sustainably. 

Remanufacturing is an industrial process to restore used or end-of-life components to as-new conditions with quality equal to, or exceeding, the new condition with similar warranty.

The seminar aims to provide a platform for industry users, vendors, manufacturers, and remanufacturing companies to identify the business opportunities, strategies, challenges, and the relevant technology deployment in the remanufacturing business to help them stay competitive with sustainable operations.





Welcome and Introduction
by Dr Tan Boon Kiat, Senior Industry Development Manager, Remanufacturing Lead, SIMTech


3D X-Ray CT for Remanufacturing Application
by Dr Andrew Malcolm, Scientist, SIMTech


Photogrammetry Sorting and Measurement Technology
by Dr Xu Jian, Principal Research Engineer, SIMTech


Laser Assist Additive Manufacturing for Remanufacturing Application
by Dr Bi Guijun, Scientist, SIMTech


Coffee Break & Exhibitions


Parallel Session 1: Remanufacturing Quality Assessment & Advanced Process Technologies
Session Chair: Mr Foo Yeong Han, Senior Industry Development Manager

Parallel Session 1: Tools and Systems for Remanufacturing Operation

Session Chair: Mr Lee Hock Wee, Senior Industry Development Manager


In-situ Reliability Assessment of Remanufactured Parts Operating at Elevated Temperature
by Associate Professor Tan Cher Ming, NTU School of EEE

A Methodology for Product /Part Remanufacturability Assessment and Analysis
by Prof Andrew Nee, NUS, Dept of Mechanical Engineering


Framework for Remanufacturing
Components Subject to Contact Fatigue and Wear
byAssociate Prof John Pang, NTU School of MAE

Condition Assessment and Remaining Life Prediction in Remanufacturing
byAssociate Prof Lu Wen Feng, NUS Dept. of Mechanical Engineering


Methodology for Remanufacturing
Components Subject to Contact Wear
by Assistant Prof Zhou Kun,NTU School of MAE

Remanufacturing Forecasting and
Management System
by Associate Prof Mabel Chou, NUS Business School, Dept of Decision Sciences



Laser Cleaning and Surface Texturing for Salvaging of High Value Components
by Dr Lim Gnian Cher, Principal Scientist, SIMTech

Remanufacturing Scheduling System
by Associate Prof Suganthan, NTU School of EEE


Friction Stir Welding for Salvaging Applications
by Dr Wei Jun, Group Manager (JTG), SIMTech

Multi-Functional High Power Fiber Laser
System and Application for Cleaning and Surface Enhancement
byAssistant Prof Wang Qijie, NTU School of EEE


Networking Lunch and Exhibitions

Who Should Attend
CEO, MD, VP, Engineering Manger, Management staff, industry users, vendors, manufacturers, engineering staff from remanufacturing companies, researchers, academic staff and students.

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