Technology Lecture: Recent Advances in Metal Forming

Date: 12 Sep 2007 - 12 Sep 2007

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, SIMTech Tower Block

This technology lecture comprising three topics detailed below, aims to provide an overview for the precision engineering industry on recent trends and development in metal forming technology. Participants will get a broader perspective of the state of the art in manufacturing and forming as well as recent advances and capabilities available in Singapore.

Topic 1
Application of Process Modelling in Selected Manufacturing Operations

This presentation will give an overview of the research conducted at the Engineering Research Centre for Net Shape Manufacturing (ERC/NSM) with emphasis on Finite Element based process modelling simulation. Topics to be discussed will include:

Determination of material properties and friction for sheet metal forming

Warm forming of light metals using a servo motor driven press

Precision coining of slit knives for medical applications

Sheet an tube hydroforming

Design of progressive and transfer die forming operations

Orbital forming for forging and assembly

Prediction of metal flow and stresses in machining
This presentation will illustrate the difficulties and advances in process simulation.

Professor Taylan Altan, Director, Engineering Research Centre for Net Shape Manufacturing (ERC/NSM), Ohio State University, USA (http:/

Topic 2
Cold Rotary Forming Technology

This presentation aims to introduce the capabilities and benefits of the cold rotary forming process, mainly the flow forming, which is perceived as an attractive alternative process to traditional forging and sheet metal stamping technology. Recent development in cold rotary forming technology will also be highlighted. The presentation will also feature deformation characteristics of workpiece in cold rotary forming and introduce some typical application of this process to automotive, aerospace and precision engineering components.

Dr Danno Atsushi, SIMTech Visiting Research Scientist (former Advisor & Board of Directors of Toyota Central R&D Labs, Inc)

Topic 3
New Die Materials

The presentation will give an overview of the galling problem in forming operations with high contact forces such as deep drawing of stainless steel and pressing stainless steel powders. Also covered are different ways to tackle this problem. Recent developments in nitrogen alloyed tool steel for die materials have significantly improved die life in operations previously limited by galling. The properties of these new materials are discussed in detail.

Dr Anders Jarfors, SIMTech Senior Scientist. Dr Jarfors has a wealth of R&D experience from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden and Swedish Institute for Metals Research (renamed as the Corrosion and Metals Research Institute)

Who Should Attend
Industry professionals including senior managers and engineers with a few years of experience in the relevant technology areas.





Welcome Address


Metal Forming R&D Trends : Application of Process Modelling in Selected Manufacturing Operations by Professor Taylan Altan


Tea-break & Networking Session


Cold Rotary Forming by Dr Danno Atsushi


New Die Materials by Dr Anders Jarfors


Q&A Session



Pre-registration for the lecture is required. Admission is free. All are welcome.
Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.