Improving Operational Performance In Logistics and Manufacturing - SIMULATION & OPTIMISATION MODELLING TECHNIQUES

Date: 12 Mar 2007 - 16 Apr 2007

Venue: Training Room 1 (Level 3, Tower Block )

Course Introduction

This course will introduce the basic concepts, methodologies and tools for simulation and optimisation necessary to support the performance improvement of operational processes in logistics and manufacturing system. Participants will understand the fundamental concepts of simulation and optimisation as well as their applications in supply chain/ logistics/manufacturing. Types of simulation and optimisation packages available will be introduced, demonstrated and explained to help the selection of them. Participants will also acquire hands-on experience in the modelling of sample industrial problems with the simulation and optimisation software packages introduced. Finally, industrial case studies will be presented and discussed.
Critical questions this workshop will answer are: - What is simulation? - What can I benefit from using simulation? - How to conduct a simulation study? - Which simulation software package is more suitable for me? - How to model using a simulation software package? - How to perform simulation analysis? - What are the application areas of simulation? - How to manage a simulation project? - What are the pitfalls to avoid when conducting a simulation project? - What are the practical examples of simulation at work in the industry? - What is optimisation? - How to model real-life situations as optimisation problems? - How to select an appropriate optimisation technique? - Does an optimal solution always exist? - How to optimise multiple objectives simultaneously? - What is simulation-based optimisation?

Course Team

Mr William Lee & Dr Amit Kumar Gupta

Course Outline

Session 1 – Fundamentals: Optimisation Concepts and Methods
Session 2 – Hands-on: Optimisation Tools
Session 3 – Case Studies: Applications of Optimisation
Session 4 – Fundamentals: Simulation Concepts and Methods
Session 5 – Hands-on: Simulation Tools
Session 6 – Case Studies: Applications of Simulation

Who Should Attend

Engineers, planners, production managers, and other support executives in the supply chain, logistics or manufacturing functions who wish to apply optimisation and simulation technology for performance improvement, reduce total manufacturing and logistics time and cost, enhance customer service level and increase Return of Assets (ROA)


Pre-registration for the course is necessary. Seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Registration fee:

SMS Member: $420.00 (inclusive of 5% GST) per participant. Non SMS Member: S$525.000 (inclusive of 5% GST)per participant. Fee inclusive of mini buffet dinner, refreshment, course material and experimental tools.

Closing date: 5 March 2007 (Monday)

SIMTech members enjoy 20% discount, terms and conditions apply. (Limited to 2 participants for Category I members, and 4 participants for Category II members). Companies which join SMS now enjoy a complimentary TIP seat.

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