The 5th International Conference on Materials Processing for Properties and Performance (MP3)

Date: 11 Dec 2006 - 15 Dec 2006



New materials development and advances in material processing technologies in recent years have made very high impact in manufacturing technologies. In the age of rapid development it is becoming increasingly important for experts to share the advancement of technologies and exchange views. The objective of this symposium is to provide an international forum for experts in modern material processing fields from around the world to exchange information, research ideas and present the latest advances and future perspectives of material processing technologies. The scope of the symposium will cover materials development, processing/fabrication technologies, modelling, simulation, characterisation and applications of advanced materials and processes.

TOPICS OF INTEREST ( but not restricted to):

Materials development:
- Metal-matrix, ceramic-matrix and polymer matrix composites
- Nano-composites, nano-powders, and nano-sized materials
- Advanced metal, ceramic and polymer materials
- Smart materials, bio-materials and packaging materials

Processing Technologies:
- Precision machining and laser material processing
- Precision metal forming
- Polymer material processing
- Micro processing technologies
- Surface technologies
- ECO-friendly processes

Modelling and Simulation:
- Moulding and forming process simulation
- Process control and monitoring
- Structural analysis
- Advanced 3D Simulations


Abstract submission 30 July 2006
Notification of acceptance 31 August 2006
Early bird registration 30 September 2006
Full manuscript submission 15 October 2006