M4 (Micro/Meso Mechanical Machining) and Its Application

Date: 19 Sep 2006 - 31 Oct 2006

Venue: Training Room 1, Level 3, SIMTech Tower Block

Course Introduction

The functionality, portability and value of many products can be substantially increased with reduced size and weight. With the trend towards miniaturisation, micro-machining is becoming more and more important for manufacture of micro parts. Micro-components have found wide applications in optical engineering, bio-medical engineering, precision engineering and MEMS systems. In this course, micro/meso mechanical machining technologies and machine tool characterisation will be covered.

Course Team

Dr Liu Kui, Dr Thoe Alex, Mr Kanno Shigeku, Mr Wu Hu, Mr Liu Peiling and Ms Ding Xin

Course Outline
Session 1 - Machining Technology Overview

- Macro/nano machining, such as HSM, focus ion beam machining, laser beam machining
- Micro/meso machining, such as micro turning, micro milling, micro fly-cutting, micro grooving, micro-EDM, micro grinding, ultra-precision machining

Session 2 - Machining Principle

- Fundamentals of cutting technology
- Cutting temperature
- Cutting tool and wear
- Cutting forces - Chip formation

Session 3 - CNC & Micro Machining Simulation

CNC Simulation:
- G code verification
- NC optimization
- Smart machining

Micro Machining Simulation:
- Cutter effect on deformation
- Workpiece deformation

Session 4 - Machine Characterisation

- Overview of machine tool acceptance tests
- Experiments:
(a) Ballbar system for machine axes accuracy and runout
(b) Sigma balancer for spindle balancing and vibration

Session 5 - Ultra-precision Machining

- Optical component machining
- Steel lens mould insert fabrication
- Experiments:
(a) Micro grooving
(b) Micro drilling, thin wall milling and burr-free engraving of aluminium alloy

Session 6 - Measurement Method and Demo

- Stylus profiler for spheric/aspheric surface form accuracy
- Wyko white-light interferometer for spheric/aspheric surface roughness
- Zygo laser interferometer for spheric surface quality & form error

Who Should Attend

Researchers, lecturers, students from institutions, polytechnics & universities, andCEOs, CTOs, VPs, MDs, Executive Directors, managers, engineers, executives, officers & technologists from the Precision Engineering, Aerospace, Automotive, Photonics, Optics, Bio-technology, Manufacturing and Machining clusters.


Pre-registration for the course is necessary. Seats are available on a first come first served basis.

Registration fee:

SMS Member: $420.00 (inclusive of 5% GST) per participant.
Non SMS Member: S$525.000 (inclusive of 5% GST)per participant.
Fee inclusive of mini buffet dinner, refreshment, course material and experimental tools.

Closing date: 12 September 2006

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