SIMTech & SMa Joint Seminar on: Enabling Adaptiveness in Supply Chain Management

Date: 30 Aug 2006 - 30 Aug 2006

Venue: Auditorium, Tower Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive


The competitive environment of today’s global marketplace is undergoing changes. Customers are becoming more sophisticated. They demand more variety, better quality, and greater service in terms of reliability and response time. The competition between supply chains no longer can be based only on quality, cost or time. It is based on adaptive supply chain – the ability to plan, execute, sense, and respond based on real-time signals to changes and uncertainty. Adaptive supply chain networks thrive by sharing knowledge, quickly seizing new market opportunities, and proactively responding to shorter and less predictable product life cycles while adjusting to changing market conditions.

It is no secret that successful companies nowadays usually possess an adaptive supply chain network. For instance, the companies like Nokia, Zara, Nike, and EMS providers like Flextronics and Venture, just to name a few. These supply chains are dynamically integrated and adopt a multi-enterprise model. The OEM companies only focus on their “core competencies” and outsource all the peripheral activities. While the EMS providers have a network of suppliers, and depending on customer orders, they will choose the suppliers and configure their supply chain accordingly. Hence reconfigurability is the key to designing an adaptive supply chain. To be part of the adaptive supply chain networks, companies must equip themselves with the capabilities and technologies to manage and enable their adaptive supply chain. This seminar will introduce adaptive supply chain and its evolution from lean, agile to leagile. It will cover the performance metrics of adaptive supply chain to help companies to measure and manage their supply chain. The seminar will also introduce a suite of adaptive supply chain technologies from SIMTech including infrastructure platform B2Bi gateway, demand forecasting system, production planning and scheduling system, transport planning and monitoring systems, and Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) network for physical goods visibility in the supply chain. Finally, the seminar will present case studies of successful adaptive supply chain implementation in industry.

Who Should Attend

Senior Management, R&D Managers, Supply Chain Practitioners of manufacturing companies, 3rd Party Logistics solution providers, software vendors and solution providers in manufacturing space.

*Dr Lee Wee Leong, Senior R&D Manager, Y3 Technologies Pte Ltd
*Mr Toh Ming Hon, Director of Manufacturing, Energizer Singapore Pte Ltd
*Captain Andre Khir, Managing Director, ST Education and Training (STET) Marine Bureau Pte Ltd
*Mr Roland Lim, Ms Tan Puay Siew, Dr Lin Weidong, Mr Chua Tay Jin, Dr Yuan Xue Ming and Mr Wong Ming Mao, SIMTech

Registration fees: (inclusive of 5% GST) S$50.40 for SMS** or SMa members or S$280.00 for non SMS or SMa members .

Closing date: 21 August 2006
** Companies which join SIMTech Membership (SMS) now will enjoy a 20% discount (Limited to 2 participants for Category I members and 4 participants for Category II members)

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