Technology Lecture on Contribution of Hydro-metallurgical Recycling to Industrial Waste

Date: 24 Jul 2006 - 24 Jul 2006

Venue: Seminar Room, Valley Block, SIMTech, 71 Nanyang Drive


The increase in waste associated to the depletion of resources has promoted new ways of metal extraction from industrial waste. Since the first oil crisis, the use of hydrometallurgical means for metal extraction has been favoured. Hydrometallurgy tends to consume less energy thus presenting certain economic advantages. The advantages extend beyond economic benefits as hydrometallurgical processes do not emit gases, dust, or vapours. Some of the processes to be presented include: - Recycling of alkaline and zinc carbon batteries - Treatment of lithium ion batteries - Recovery of valuable products from EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) dust - Conversion of Fly ash - Recycling of cathode ray tubes

About Dr Farouk

Dr Tedjar Farouk is the scientific director of RECUPYKL SA and an associate professor at the High School of Electrochemistry in the Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble. He received his PhD degree in electrochemistry from the Scientific University of Grenoble, France. Over the years, Dr Tedjar has been actively involved in Environment projects in Europe which included battery recycling municipal waste treatment and industrial waste management. Dr Tedjar is also the president of the French Association of Battery Recycler ad the permanent representative of the European Battery Recycler Association in the United Nation committee of Hazardous Waste Transportation.

Who Should Attend 

Management, R&D managers and engineers from the chemicals, engineering & environment services. Researchers of A*STAR, professors, lecturers and graduate students from universities and polytechnics

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