Advanced Coatings for Surface Protection and Functionalities (1)

Date: 13 Jul 2006 - 17 Aug 2006

Venue: Seminar Room, Level 1, SIMTech Valley Block

Course Introduction

This course provides participants with a fundamental and comprehensive introduction and overview on sol-gel chemistry and sol-gel based coating processes, different coating functions and properties, and coating characterisation techniques. Detailed principles and coating materials design for several specific coatings such as scratch resistant coatings, photocatalytic coating, hydrophobic coating and electrochromic & photochromic coatings will be introduced. Laboratory sessions will provide hands-on experiences on characterisation techniques:  contact angle measurement, scratch resistance test, adhesion test, roughness measurement, optical properties measurements, cross-section specimen preparation and microstructure analyses.

Course Team

Ms Linda Wu (Team Leader), Dr Chen Quan, Dr Chris Cai & Dr Zhang Xiao

Course Outline

Session 1
- Introduction to Wet Chemical Functional Coatings

- Sol-gel chemistry

- Coating functions

- Coating processes and techniques

- Lab work: Sol-gel formulation demonstration, spin coating process, UV-Vis spectrophotometer

Session 2
- Sol-gel Hydrophobic Coatings and Scratch Resistant Coatings

- Characteristics of surfaces and hydrophobicity

- Sol-gel hydrophobic coatings

- Sol-gel scratch resistant coatings for plastics  

- Lab work: pencil hardness, Vicker’s hardness, cross-hatch test, Profilometer

Session 3
- Coating Characterisation and Failure Analysis

- Surface analysis methods

- Mechanical testing

- Chemical testing

- Examples on failure root cause analysis

- Lab work: specimen preparation technique, scanning electron microscope, scratch and abrasion resistance tests by Tribometer

Session 4
- Photocatalytic Coatings (1)

- Principles of photocatalysis & photoelectrochemistry

- Synthesis of nano particle and coating deposition

- Lab work: contact angle, UV-exposure, Zetasizer

Session 5
- Photocatalytic Coatings (2)

- Self-cleaning coating

- De-odorization

- Bacterial killing

- Lab work: bacterial test, spray deposition

Session 6
- Electrochromic And Photochromic Coatings

- Introduction of electrochromism and photochromism

- Electrochromic materials and properties

- Photochromic materials

- Application of the chromism phenomenon for smart windows

- Lab work: dip coating process, demonstration of electrochromic prototype


For Whom

Researchers, lecturers, students from Institutions, polytechnics & universities, and R&D engineers, chemical engineers, quality control engineers from precision engineering industry, electronics and machinery industries, aerospace, building and construction industries, chemical industry and other industries that require coatings for surfacess.



Pre-registration for the course is necessary. Seats are available on a first come first served basis.  
Registration fees: S$525.000 (inclusive of 5% GST).

Closing date:  3 July 2006

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