Technology Lecture on A New Titanium Alloy with Low Elastic Modulus and High Strength

Date: 06 Jul 2006 - 06 Jul 2006

Venue: SIMTech, Seminar Room, Valley Block, Level 1


The world's first titanium alloy (Gum Metal®,), which has been developed in TOYOTA Central R. & D. Labs, Inc. in Japan, has a low elastic modulus (40Gpa), high strength (more than 1100 Mpa), high elastic deformation (2.5%) and high plastic deformability at room temperature.

The low elastic modulus and high strength of the alloy are obtained by a heavy cold working of the sintered and hot worked raw material. The alloy shows the strain softening, which sometimes causes the flow localization (shear band formation) in its cold bulk deformation.

This alloy has high potential for the applications to many kinds of components, such as light weight springs, metal seals, diaphragms and spectacles flame (commercialized), medical equipments, artificial bone, sporting equipment, ornaments, metal seals and diaphragms, etc.

SIMTech will start the CRP project with Toyota Central R&D Labs. on "Feasibility studies for low elastic module titanium alloy sheet in high performance applications” (Please click here to view Lecture Programme)

About speakers

Mr Tadahiko Furuta

Mr Furuta graduated from Suzuka college of Technology in 1982 and he received his BS degree in General Studies from the University of the Air in 2005.He has been working for TOYOTA CENTRAL R & D LABS., INC. since 1982 and has been engaged in the development work on Titanium alloys via powder metallurgy method more than 15 years. He is holder of more than 25 patents in JAPAN, U.S.A. and EUROPE related to Titanium alloys and has received 1996 R & D 100 AWARD, the technological development award from the Japan Institute of Metals in 1995 and 2004 and from the Society of Materials Science JAPAN in 1999 as well as from the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy in 2001. He is member of the Japan Institute of Metals and the Iron and Steel Institute of JAPAN.

Dr Atsushi Danno

Dr Danno graduated from Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan with a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. From 1964 to 2003, he has been engaged in R&D work on the high precision bulk-metal forming technology for manufacturing automotive components in TOYOTA Central R & D Labs. in Japan . His R&D work includes Rotary forming, Lubrication for forging and CAE for forging. He authored or co-authored more than 50 original technical papers and took 25patents on his R&D work. In 1981, he was granted a degree of Dr. Eng. from Osaka University in Japan . He received the JSTP Award for his paper in 1969, 1988, 1994 and AIDA Technical Award of JSTP for "Precision Form-rolling and Forging of Automotive Parts" in 2000. He was appointed as Director and board member of TOYOTA Central R & D Labs. from 1995 to 2001 and he joined SIMTech in Aug. 2003.

Who Should Attend

Industry professionals, managers and engineers who are interested in metals technology.

Admission is free.

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