Technology Infusion Programme (TIP) course on Optimisation and Simulation Technologies

Date: 23 Feb 2006 - 30 Mar 2006

Venue: SIMTech, Training Room, Tower Block, Level 3


This programme comprises 6 evenings of 3 hours sessions covering theoretical background to optimisation and simulation model building and analysis. Hands-on applications of techniques and tools will be taught to sample problems in logistics and manufacturing systems. Real-life cases will be shown to illustrate the model building and analysis concepts.


Dr Lin Weidong, SIMTechMr William Lee, SIMTech


1. Fundamentals of Optimisation Modelling and Analysis
2. Hands-on Optimisation Modelling
3. Case Studies: Optimisation Modelling and Solutions
4. Fundamentals of Simulation Modelling and Analysis
5. Hands-on Simulation Modelling and Analysis
6. Case Studies : Simulation Modelling and Analysis

For Whom

Industry professionals, engineers, planners, production managers and other support executives in the supply chain / logistics / manufacturing functions who wish to - Apply optimisation and simulation technology for performance improvement - Reduce total manufacturing and logistics time and cost - Enhance customer service level - Increase Return of Assets (ROA)


Pre-registration for the course is necessary.

Registration fees: S$525.000 (inclusive of 5% GST).

SIMTech member enjoy 20% discount. 

Closing date: 21 February 2006