Technology Infusion Programme (TIP) course on Industrial Laser Processing

Date: 05 Oct 2005 - 16 Nov 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Seminar Room, Valley Block, Level 1

Course Introduction

The objective of the industrial laser processing course is to provide participants with the fundamentals and industrial applications of laser technology. As diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) UV laser has recently emerged as a major tool in optoelectronics and semiconductors manufacturing, the course will cover areas of UV laser applications in additional to other laser technologies. The course will be delivered through the combination of classroom lectures (12 hrs) and lab demonstrations (6 hrs) in selected industrial applications.

Course Outline

1. Basic Laser Technology & Laser Safety

- Introduction to industrial lasers and laser material processing
- Laser safety classifications and protective measures

2. Laser Drilling

- Mechanisms of drilling metal, polymer and composite materials
- Laser drilling parameters and their effects
- Industrial applications

Laser Cutting
- Mechanisms of laser cutting (fusion, reactive & ablative)
- Laser cutting parameters and their effects
- Industrial applications

3. Laser Welding
- Mechanisms of laser welding (conduction & keyhole welding)
- Welding of metal and plastic materials
- Industrial applications

Laser Cladding
- Fundamentals of laser cladding
- Industrial application (selective coating, repair & 3D build-up)
- Industrial cladding systems

4. DPSS UV Laser Processing

- Processing of PCBs
- Processing of wafer
- Other applications

Laser Marking
- Mechanisms & types of laser marking (metal, polymer, silicon & glass) and industrial applications

Ultrashort Laser Processing of Brittle and Thermal-sensitive Materials
- Ultrashort laser for micro-machining for applications in microelectronics, micro-fluidics and bio-medical industries

5. Laser Laboratory Demonstration at SIMTech

- Laser drilling with Diamond CO2 laser
- Laser cutting, drilling, patterning with DPSS UV laser and excimer laser

6.Laser Laboratory Demonstration at Rofin-Baasel

- Laser welding
- Laser marking