Technology Infusion Programme (TIP) course on Embedded Linux For Industrial Control and Appliances

Date: 05 Oct 2005 - 09 Nov 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Training Room 1, Tower Block, Level 3

Course Introduction

The increasing complexity of embedded applications is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of choosing Linux as operating system instead of developing and maintaining in-house-built operating systems. OSs that demand a licence fee for each and every installation are out-of-question for many applications that need to compete on markets like consumer electronics.

How is embedded Linux different from “normal” Linux and what is considered “normal” Linux ? This 6-week, TIP course encompasses the following : introductory lessons on the structure of the Linux operating system (kernel, file management and device management), embedded Linux domain : techniques and tips on Linux tools for embedded development, skills required for cross-compiling and 'tricks' in tweaking the kernel, bootloader and filesystem for embedded platform.

Lab sessions are essential for embedded development and the concept of developing device drivers, and deploying and testing them in an application on embedded platform will be the target in the lab sessions : each student will gain the hands-on experience of practising these activities on embedded target.