Technology Infusion Programme (TIP) course on Forging Technologies for Production of Precision Components

Date: 13 Sep 2005 - 27 Sep 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Seminar Room, Valley Block, Level 1

Course Introduction

Metal forging is one of the most effective ways for the production of metal components via plastic flow of metal in forming process. The product development paradigm of metal forming involves the know-how and knowledge in material selection, process determination, tooling design and product quality control and assurance. This TIP course will cover the know-how in precision metal forming product development, including various forming processes. The course will also focus on cold forging process determination and tooling design. Furthermore, the metal forming plasticity and CAE simulation technology will also be introduced in this course.

Course Outline

1. Metal Forming Technologies and Applications

9am -12pm : Lecture -Bulk forming and cold forging -Mg and TI alloys forming -Squeeze casting/liquid forging -Semi-solid forming 1pm – 5pm : Demo and practice - Forging of magnesium - Squeeze infiltration of metal matrix composites - Semi-solid forming of aluminium

2. Metal Forming Plasticity

9am -12pm : Lecture -Deformation modes in metal forming
-Fundamentals of metal forming plasticity
-Friction in metal forming process
-Cracks and failures in metal forming

1pm – 5pm : Demo and practice
- Uniaxial upsetting test
- Ring compression test for friction measurement

3. Metallurgy in Failure Mechanism

9am -12pm : Lecture -Heat treatment, microstructure and mechanical properties
-Microstructure characterisation techniques
-Product defects characterisation
- Case studies : examples

1pm – 5pm : Demo and practice
- Scanning Electron Microscopy
- X-ray diffraction
- Optical microscopy and microstructures

4. CAE Simulation and Analysis

9am -12pm : Lecture -Introduction to CAE simulation

-How CAE simulation helps metal forming product development
- Commercial metal forming CAE simulation systems
- Challenges and issues in metal forming CAE simulation

1pm – 5pm : Demo and practice
- CAE system introduction
- Cold forging load determination by CAE simulation
- Stress analysis

5. Cold Forging Product, Process and Die design

9am -12pm : Lecture

- Cold forging product
- Cold forging process
- Cold forging die design
- Die material and selection

1pm – 5pm : Demo and practice

- Die assembly
- Cold forging extrusion demo