Workshop on Mesoscale and Microscale Integration for Emerging Microwave Applications

Date: 02 Aug 2005 - 02 Aug 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3


This one-day workshop will provide an excellent forum to interact and share ideas on the latest trends, technologies and breakthrough concepts in emerging microwave applications. For the first time in Singapore, this workshop will infuse the Distinguished Microwave Lecture with presentations from technology leaders. Key topics to be addressed will include but not limited to smart antennas and multi-mode networks, mixed-signal and wireless applications, MEMS device and fabrication technologies, metamaterials and advanced composite materials, and multiphysics and multiscale modelling techniques.

Workshop Programme

- IEEE Distinguished Microwave Lecture on Modern Circulators and Isolators for Wireless Automotive and MM-Wave Applications by Prof Lionel E Davis, UMIST, UK

The widespread use of isolators and circulators and their advantages are well known. However, during the rapid expansion of wireless systems, the development of automotive radars and the move up the electromagnetic spectrum towards terahertz systems, comparatively little attention has been given to the integration of isolators and circulators. The lecture will describe new solutions and miniature components, and discuss novel approaches, choices of materials and technologies. Recent theoretical developments, experimental results and design trade-offs will be discussed including cost, size and bandwidth. For example: advances in low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) technology may enable the realisation of 900MHz lumped-element circulators with a volume of a few cubic millimeters. Also, advances in self-biasing ferrites may eliminate the need for external magnets thus providing size and cost benefits for planar integrated circulators up to and beyond 77GHz. At millimetric and sub-millimetric wavelengths it may be possible to replace ferrite parts with semiconductor parts, which in principle would offer a route to full on-chip integration of circulators. The lecture will focus on wireless and automotive applications, but will discuss a broader range of novel developments should these be appropriate to the audience interest. The lecture will be constantly up-dated to keep abreast of the continuing advancements being made in this field.

- Advanced Passive Integration for Wireless Applications by Mr Richard Gruenwald, EPCOS Singapore (invited speaker)
- Advanced Modelling and Simulation and Grid Computation for Electromagnetic and Microwave Applications by Dr Li Er Ping, IHPC
- Advanced Modelling and Simulation and Grid Computation for Electromagnetic and Microwave Applications by Dr Li Er Ping, IHPC
- Mesoscale Integration using Composite Materials by Dr Albert Lu, SIMTech
- Wafer-Transfer-Technology for Applications of High GHz Frequency and Microscale Integration by Dr Guo Lihui, IME
- Characterization and Design of Planar UWB Antenna by A/P Ooi Ban Leong, NUS
- Radio-over-fibre Techniques for Broadband Wireless Communication Systems by Dr Guo Yongxin, I2R
- Film Bulk Acoustic Wave RF Resonators and Filters by Dr Uppili Sridhar, Maxim Integrated Products
- Towards Fully Integrated RF Front End, State-of-Art and Challenges Ahead by Dr Popov Alexandre Pavlovich, NUS

Who Should Attend
Designers, engineers from design and engineering management, electrical engineers, PCB & IC device designers, RF and Module/system designers.