Technology Lecture on Fillers and Electromagnetic Shielding for Electronics Packaging

Date: 12 May 2005 - 12 May 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3


The lecture will cover fillers for plastic encapsulation, opportunities to embed electromagnetic shielding directly in to the packages, avoidance of Alpha particle soft errors, and an updated briefing on the Directives on Electromagnetic compatibility for electronics.

About Prof Sinnadurai

Nihal Sinnadurai holds leading positions in industry with responsibility for ensuring high reliability and quality standards in the design and build for state-of-the-art electronics and photonics technologies and products. He is Chief Executive of Advanced Technology Transfer Associates (ATTAC) and Chief Technology Officer of Yeoman Protex International Limited. He is a Senior Expert of the UNDP and ITU, and visiting academic at universities in the UK and USA. He is also Chair of the IEEE Reliability and CPMT Society in the UK and RI.

In 2001-2004, as Global Leader and Vice President of Reliability and Quality for Bookham Technology, he led from the front, bringing his considerable experience and skill to bear in training and leading the team members in the skills of reliability and quality and in the interpretation of the relevant international (Telcordia, IEC, JEDEC, IPC) and customer specifications, in establishing a clear strategy for Reliability and also for Quality, in developing product Reliability and delivering Qualification, and also in ensuring high standards of analysis and reporting. Outcomes included the 2004 Gold Award from Huawei (China), 2004 Best in Class in Reliability and Qualification from Nortel Networks (Canada) and dramatic reductions in global Customer Returns.

In 2003 the International Microelectronics Society awarded Nihal the Daniel Hughes Ward for outstanding Technical Achievement. As a freelance technology transfer expert he numbers ITRI (Taiwan), ST Microelectronics, a number of photonics companies and the European Commission amongst his international Clientele. He has project managed European Commission technology transfer programmes to ensure small and medium enterprises (SMEs) gain access to leading edge design, foundry and research capabilities and also research projects to support SMEs. His career also spanned many years at BT inluding BT Labs where he had responsibility for Service Management, Intelligent Networks and VPN developments. He was instrumental in fundamentally moving BT policies from over-engineering to fitness-for-purpose specifications. He set the example by developing low-cost high-reliability subscriber line units for SPC digital exchanges. He was Professor of Electronics Technology and the icroelectronics Department Chair at Middlesex University, Principal Consultant to TWI, and project leader of R&D projects for the European Commission.He gained his university degrees at the University of London in Physics and Semiconductor Devices and his PhD at the University of Southampton for research on the reliability of Silicon and Gallium Arsenide Devices. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Fellow of the IEEE and a Fellow of the Institute of Physics. He has considerable practical experience of electronics technologies, testing and reliability evelopment. He has a number of inventions to his name, has published over 90 papers and lectures and undertakes Professional Development training internationally.

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