Technology Infusion Programme (TIP) course on Micro Machining of Optical and Biomedical Parts

Date: 21 Sep 2005 - 26 Oct 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Seminar Room, Valley Block, Level 1

Course Introduction

The convenience and value of many products can be substantially increased with reduced size and weight. With the trend towards miniaturisation, micro machining becomes increasingly important in fabricating micro parts. It has found wide applications in optical engineering, bio-medical engineering, precision engineering, and MEMS systems. In this course, micro mechanical machining technologies and machining productivity will be covered.

Course Outline

1. Introduction of Micro Fabrication Processes

- Background of micro fabrication
- Various fabrication processes

2. Mechanical Micro Machining

- Micro milling
- Fly cutting
- Micro turning

3. Optical Lenses Design and Specifications

- Optical materials
- Design tools, design strategies and rules
- Optical specifications and system design considerations
- Optomechanics design and assembly considerations

4. Machining Fundamentals

- Fundamentals of cutting technology
- Tool geometry and tool materials
- Cutting forces
- Cutting heat and temperature
- Biomaterials and machinability

5. Machining Productivity

- Productivity
- Machining survey
- Machining economics
- Tool and tooling management

6.Case Study & Experiments

- Micro drilling
- EDM of micro holes
- Diamond turning of aspheric lens thin wall cutting on aluminium
- Micro grooving