Plasticity and Forming Materials

Date: 24 Mar 2005 - 28 Apr 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Seminar Room, Valley Block, Level 1

Course Introduction

The focus of the metal forming industry is shifting from conventional stamping towards sheet and bulk forming. There is also a growing emphasis on advanced light weight materials to be used for demanding applications. This is due to the potential of bulk and sheet forming in the untapped market sectors of automotive and aerospace components.

This course in plasticity and forming of materials has been designed to provide attendees with knowledge and information on the various sheet and bulk forming operations and types of forming operations. A brief introduction to plasticity in materials and plastic deformation which includes application tools such as modelling and simulation of forming, cold forging and failure analysis will be covered.

Advanced topics such as PM (powder metallurgy) forging, superplastic forming, liquid forging with their advantages will be included to provide a comprehensive background. The attendees will be able to utilise the knowledge gained and apply them effectively to identify the processes required for fabricating new generation products.

Course Outline
1. Plasticity and Plastic Deformation
2. Sheet and Bulk Forming of Advanced Materials
3. Modelling and Simulation
4. Cold Forging
5. Metallurgy in Failure Mechanism for Cold Forging
6. Special Forming Methods & Case Studies