Maximising Uptime for Mission-Critical Manufacturing and Services Systems

Date: 24 Feb 2005 - 24 Feb 2005

Venue: SIMTech, Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3


Today’s high value-added manufacturing demands a high degree of system uptime, reliability, and efficiency. Traditional approaches to equipment maintenance such as pre-planned time-regular preventive maintenance and passive “fail-and-fix” methods are no longer sufficient or effective to meet the need for increasingly higher operational availability at affordable cost.

Currently in most equipment, many sophisticated sensors and computerised components are capable of delivering data about the machine's status and performance. The problem is that little or no practical use is being made for most of this data. We have the devices, but we do not have a continuous and seamless flow of information throughout entire processes. Sometimes this is because the available data are not rendered in useable forms. Many companies are improving their operation performance through six-sigma and lean manufacturing practices, but they still cannot prevent equipment breakdown.

This unique seminar invites experts from the Centre for Intelligent Maintenance System (IMS) to introduce near-zero downtime concepts and “predict and prevent” practices with right predictive maintenance tools and techniques. State-of-the-art technologies on prognostics, remote monitoring and maintenance will be reviewed as means to improve maintenance productivity. Industry case examples will be discussed to demonstrate the benefits of these tools and technologies. Maintenance service provider will learn how to implement these ideas to provide more effective maintenance service for equipment. Equipment manufacturers could be enlightened on adding more useful proactive features in the product to create more maintenance service business.


1) Infotronics Technologies for Next Generation Manufacturing and Service Innovation by Prof. Jay Lee, IMS Centre, Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2) The Smart Prognostic Tools for Next Generation Maintenance Systems by Prof Jay Lee, IMS Centre, Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
3) Support Tools and Embedded Network Monitoring Systems by Prof Jun Ni, IMS Centre, Univ of Michigan
4) Intelligent Maintenance – Case Study by Prof Jay Lee & Prof. Jun Ni
5) Partnership for Research in Intelligent Maintenance Technology (PRIME) Consortium by Dr JB Zhang, SIMTech
6) Round Table Discussion by Prof Jay Lee, Prof Jun Ni, Dr JB Zhang and industrial partners