Robotic Assembly of Three Dimensional MEMS Structures

Date: 17 Feb 2005 - 17 Feb 2005

Venue: Auditorium, Level 3, SIMTech Tower Block, 71 Nanyang Drive


This presentation describes a micro-assembly technique that has been developed to assemble MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) 2-dimensional structures into 3-dimensional microstructures. Two new joint designs referred to as ‘key-lock’ joints and ‘inter-lock’ joints will also be discussed along with the experimental results.

About the Speaker

Professor James Mills has published more than 250 journal and conference papers besides having supervised over 50 masters and PhD students. His research interests encompasses a wide spectrum of related areas, including robot control, control of multi-robots, control of flexible link robots, design of actuators, localisation, development of fixtureless assembly technology, design and control of high speed machines, development of neural network controllers, MEMS 3D assembly, MEMS robotic task execution, etc.

Who should attend

Academic staff members, students and researchers dealing with robotics, mechatronics, and MEMS assembly. Engineers and technical staff from the semiconductor, photonics and automation clusters are welcome to attend.

This is a non-chargeable presentation.

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