Introduction to Computer Tomography for Industrial Applications

Date: 04 Nov 2004 - 04 Nov 2004

Venue: SIMTech, Auditorium, Tower Block, Level 3


Industrial computer tomography is a powerful extension of the more well know industrial radiography. The capture, processing and reconstruction of a 3D model from multiple views of a solid component provides a unique insight into the both the internal features and external geometry. The range of industrial applications extends from the visualisation of the internal components of electronic devices to the quantified 3D measurement of porosity in advanced castings. This presentation is an introductory session to the practical aspects of CT and is intended to be the first in a series. A more comprehensive follow up workshop, to be organised in April, will cover the more theoretical issues of image capture and processing.

Presentation Scope

-CT systems and applications
-Typical system components
-Scanning modes
-Reverse engineering capability

About Speaker
Mr Peter A Johnson is currently the Service Manager at BIR, USA . He has a strong background in the application and usage of CT and is responsible for the site planning, installation, training and after sales support of BIR's customers.