The Way Forward for Singapore Equipment Manufacturers : Industry Forum cum Launch of Equipment Consortium

Date: 20 Oct 2004 - 20 Oct 2004

Venue: Ballroom 3, Sheraton Towers


In recent years, the Singapore equipment making business witnessed two trends. A number of multi-national major equipment makers either set up facility in Singapore or contract their equipment manufacturing to Singapore partners. Riding on this trend, local SMEs have moved to contract manufacturing or build-to-print.

On the other hand, local equipment/components suppliers are under increasing pressure to play the middleman role in the face of stiff competition from low-cost neighbouring countries. They aspire to design and build their own equipment as their long-term growth strategy. Innovations in equipment design and manufacturing are imperative to boost Singapore’s presence in the high-value equipment business. A strong alliance between the industry and research community becomes even more important in Singapore’s context.

This forum will feature the keynote speech on opportunities and challenges in high-value equipment by Mr Chris de Lavigne who is the Global Vice-President for Industrial Technologies of Frost & Sullivan.

Speakers from EDB, A*STAR Science and Engineering Research Council and Exploit Technologies will share their views on the equipment development and supporting precision engineering industry. Industry leaders will speak on the globalisation of automation and equipment business and today’s high-tech industry expectations on new equipment design.

Programme : (Presentation slides on Acrobat Reader version 5 and above)

1. Precision Engineering - A Key Supporting Industry for the Manufacturing Sector by Mr Paul Ng, Head, Electronics & Precision Engineering Group, Economic Development Board. Presentation slides not available 

2. Globalising Singapore’s Automation and Equipment Business by Mr Colin Koh, President, Singapore Industrial Automation Association

3. Trends, Opportunities and Challenges in Design and Manufacturing of High-Value Equipment by Mr Chris de Lavigne, Global Vice-President, Industrial Technologies, Frost & Sullivan

4. New Equipment Design to Meet Today’s High-Tech Industry Expectations by Mr Richard Lim, Department Manager, Hewlett-Packard Singapore

5. Technology & Competitive Intelligence In Micro and Nano Dispensing Development by Dr Sze Tiam Lin, Exploit Technologies

6. Forging Ahead through Equipment Consortium by Dr Chen Xiaoqi, Programme Head, Integrative Equipment Engineering, SIMTech